IQAir Air Purifier Attachments

IQAir Air Purifier Attachments
By themselves, IQAir air purifiers are extremely important appliances that help to improve the quality of life of allergy sufferers. With the addition of the IQAir attachments below, the IQAir air purifiers can perform at a higher level but also become more versatile in the types of cleaning tasks it can handle. These IQAir attachments can help with applications like protecting your home from allergens, protecting patients in a hospital, creating a clean research or lab environment, protecting plants in greenhouses, and creating a clean air zone in an office or work area. Get the most out of your IQ air purifier with air purifier attachments.
       IQ Air Attachments
IQAir VM FlexVac IQAir Outflow W125 IQAir Vertical Mount Kit
VM FlexVac (Vertical Source Capture Kit)
IQAir Outflow W125 (Outflow Ducting Kit)
IQAir VMF (Vertical Mount)
IQAir InFlow W125 IQAir FlexVac IQAir Mobility 56
IQAir InFlow W125 (Inflow Wall Ducting Kit)
FlexVac (Mobile Direct Source Capture Kit)
Mobility 56 (Base Extension with Casters)

IQAir Attachments - Commercial & Residential Uses

IQAir purifiers are versatile solutions to indoor air quality issues. And since they are found in homes and in commercial settings all around the world, IQAir offers a unique set of air purifier attachments to compliment these machines and their many uses. From mounting to movement to directing the flow of air, IQAir air purifier attachments provide a variety of solutions to solve issues in these areas. From ducting an IQAir through a wall to directly capturing particles and fumes in a dentists office, IQ Air purifier attachments are easy to use and fit most IQAir models.

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