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From the Editor of achoo! Review, allergy newsletter

Dear Fellow Allergy Sufferer,

In this issue of Allergy Consumer Report, we're proud to introduce several new Tempur-Pedic® Sleep Systems.

The revolutionary TEMPUR® material is not only naturally resistant to household allergens like dust mites and mold, but it also provides unprecedented support for your body. The temperature-sensitive, pressure-relieving material remains firm where needed and soft where desired, creating a custom fit and keeping your spine in perfect alignment throughout the night.

If you've never felt TEMPUR® material, call 1-800-339-7123 to request your free sample today.

As an official Tempur-Pedic® Medical Division dealership, is in a unique position to offer cutting-edge medical products like The Pro-HealthCore Bed by Tempur-Pedic™ – which is the ideal mattress for people with chronic back problems. It conforms to your body for spinal pressure relief and features a built-in lumbar support system.

If you demand nothing less than the best, take a look at the layers of luxury that comprise The GrandBed by Tempur-Pedic™ and The CelebrityBed by Tempur-Pedic™.

Don't forget to register for the 2007 Allergy Relief Holiday Giveaway with $22,000+ in prizes, including The DeluxeBed by Tempur-Pedic™. Sign up today, and forward this newsletter to all your friends and family members so they'll have a chance to win, too. This year, we have 15 different prize packages!

The allergy epidemic remains on the rise worldwide, but we can overcome this disease through awareness, education, environmental control, and allergen avoidance.

    Breathe Better,

    P. Cade McDonald
    Allergy Consumer Report

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Volume Four :: Issue Eleven :: November 2007    

Feature Articles

Interesting Facts about Sleep
Did you know that exposure to noise at night can suppress immune system function, even if you don't wake up?

What Is TEMPUR® Material?
Learn how this revolutionary material conforms to your body to provide ideal spinal support during sleep.

Tempur-Pedic® Medical Research
Conditions treated include arthritis, wound care, back pain, fibromyalgia, pregnancy, Alzheimer's, and snoring.

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Reader Spotlight

Reader Spotlight

Frances B. of Danbury, CT was the winner of last month's free Austin Air purifier. Congratulations, Brooke!

Karen G. of Bridgeport, NY was the winner of last month's free Allergy Armor allergy relief bedding package. Congratulations, Christopher!

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What's New at achoo!

achoo! ALLERGY Sponsors Food Allergy Walk
The 2007 Food Allergy Walk in Atlanta raised over $53,000 for food allergy awareness and research!

achoo! ALLERGY Featured in The Pet Planet Magazine
Allergy Armor™ Ultra is specifically designed to block out pet dander as well as dust mite allergen.

achoo! ALLERGY Featured in PetFolio Magazine
If you're allergic to pets, you can keep Fido and Fluffy by employing environmental control measures.

Tempur-Pedic Buying Guide
Everything you need to know to make an educated mattress purchase.

Sleep Analyzer
Answer a few simple questions to see your personal mattress and pillow recommendations.

Tempur-Pedic Pressure Management
See how TEMPUR® absorbs and redistributes pressure evenly.

Tempur-Pedic Dynamic Comparison
Easily compare all features of the different mattresses.

Tempur-Pedic Testimonials
See what satisfied customers have to say about their sleep experiences.

Tempur-Pedic vs. Sleep Number
Chart the benefits and drawbacks of these two popular brands.

Tempur-Pedic FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Tempur-Pedic® products.

Headlines from the Allergy Relief Blog

Home Remodeling for Allergy Sufferers
Tips for allergy sufferers who want to protect their lungs while remodeling their homes.

The Appendix & The Hygiene Hypothesis
It turns out that your appendix may have a function after all - as a safe house for good bacteria.

Childhood Food Allergies on Cover of Newsweek
The problem of food allergies among school-age children continues to grow.

Californians Face Polluted Air from Wildfires
To combat air pollution from wildfires, Californians turned to air purifiers and masks with both HEPA and carbon filters.

Is Your Asthma Really Under Control?
Most adults with asthma think they have the disease under control, but statistics suggest otherwise. How many times a week do you use your inhaler?

achoo! The Blog - allergy blog View All the Latest Blog Posts

Discounts & Featured Products

Free Blueair Filter with Purchase of Blueair Air Purifier

NEW! The GrandBed by Tempur-Pedic™
A masterpiece crafted using the newest technologies from Tempur-Pedic®.

NEW! The CelebrityBed by Tempur-Pedic™
Its ultra-plush pillow-top lets you sink into the best sleep of your life.

NEW! The Pro-HealthCore Bed by Tempur-Pedic™
The ideal bed for those with chronic back pain; available only through medical division dealerships.

NEW! The RhapsodyBed by Tempur-Pedic™
Features the new TEMPUR-HD comfort layer for additional orthopedic support.

NEW! The SymphonyBed by Tempur-Pedic™
Its airflow system increases air circulation to enhance your comfort.

NEW! Tempur-Pedic® Mattress Overlays
Perfect for camping, boating, traveling, and overnight guests.

NEW! Tempur-Pedic® Travel Set
Take the comfort of Tempur-Pedic® with you wherever you go.

NEW! The BodyPillow by Tempur-Pedic™
Side sleepers adore this pressure-relieving body pillow.

NEW! The SymphonyPillow by Tempur-Pedic™
The most popular Tempur-Pedic® pillow; dual-sided for any sleep position.

NEW! The GrandPillow by Tempur-Pedic™
Coordinates perfectly with The GrandBed by Tempur-Pedic™.

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