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Dear Fellow Allergy Sufferer,

Congratulations to the 15 lucky winners in our 2007 Allergy Relief Holiday Giveaway!

We'd like to thank Dr. Robert Ivker, former president of the American Holistic Medical Association, for participating in this month's Expert Interview.

If you're a fan of Dyson vacuum cleaners, be sure to check out the brand new Dyson DC17 Asthma and Allergy vacuum. It won't hit shelves until 2008, but you can order it from us today!

The allergy epidemic remains on the rise worldwide, but we can overcome this disease through awareness, education, environmental control, and allergen avoidance.

We're looking forward to a healthy, hypoallergenic 2008.

    Happy Holidays,

    P. Cade McDonald
    Allergy Consumer Report

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Volume Four :: Issue Twelve :: December 2007    

Feature Articles

A Beginner's Guide to Environmental Control of Allergens
Learn the basics about the most effective method of allergy treatment.

How to Protect Your Children from Lead Poisoning
In the year of the recall, how can you protect your children from lead poisoning?

MRSA: The Super Staph Infection
New "super bugs" have developed resistance to antibiotics.

Expert Interview

Dr. Robert Ivker: Love Your Nose
Dr. Ivker cured his own chronic sinusitis with his holistic treatment plan.

Monthly Allergy Quiz

Monthly Allergy Quiz

Environmental Control of Allergens
Be one of the first 10 people to answer all 10 questions correctly, and you'll receive 5% off your next order!

Reader Spotlight

Reader Spotlight

See List of Winners for 2007 Allergy Relief Holiday Giveaway - 15 lucky allergy sufferers won allergy relief prizes totaling $22,000!

Marilyn W. of Miramar Beach, FL was the winner of last month's free Allergy Armor allergy relief bedding package. Congratulations, Marilyn!

I thought I would let you know that we have your holiday food allergy article as our article of the week. I ordered some stuff the other day for my sister in law and she was so happy with it. Her little boy has pet allergies. Product was shipped really fast also. Just thought I would let you know… Thank you – Heather,

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What's New at achoo!

SinuPulse Elite - Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions about this state-of-the-art sinus irrigator.

Rock of Allergy Winner: Dr. Michael Land of UCLA
"It makes you feel like a rock star when you are playing the game."

Headlines from the Allergy Relief Blog

Sinus Infections Not Helped by Antibiotics
New research shows that bacteria are not to blame for all sinus infections.

Immune Systems, Body Odor & DNA Dating
Match-making goes high-tech, based on DNA analysis.

Dust Mites Go On Strike, Protest Unfair Labor Conditions
The Dust Mites Guild of America is fed up with Allergy Armor™ bedding.

AllerAir Air Purifiers Visits achoo! ALLERGY
AllerAir specializes in activated carbon filters to control chemical fumes.

Las Vegas: Not Very Hypoallergenic
The city that never sleeps: not the city that never sneezes.

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Discounts & Featured Products

NEW! SleepMate Sound Screen 980A
Sleep better with this soothing white noise generator.

NEW! SinuPulse Elite Advanced Nasal Sinus Irrigation System
State-of-the-art saline sinus irrigator; ideal for chronic sinus infections.

NEW! SinuAir Saline Mix Kits
Saline mixture for use with SinuPulse or as saline drops.
From $6.95

NEW! Vital Oxide Mold Remover and Disinfectant
This safe, green cleaning solution tackles mold, mildew, odor, MRSA, germs, and more.

Whirlpool Whispure Air Purifier
The Whirlpool Whispure recently received the top rank in a leading consumer reports magazine.

NEW! Dyson DC17 Asthma & Allergy Vacuum
Finally – a Dyson vacuum tailor-made for asthma and allergy sufferers!

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