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Dear Fellow Allergy Sufferers,

This month we focus on important topics concerning air purifiers and air cleaners. We highlight the top 5 air purifiers for allergy relief as well as the most recent air cleaner scam and ionic air cleaner consumer warning.

Don't forget to check out all our July specials. We have several this month including the extension of the popular Blueair air purifier Free Filter promotion.

Please keep the people affected by the California wildfires in your thoughts and prayers. At the time of this writing more than 1,700 fires have hit central and northern California since June 21st. These fires have destroyed 70 homes, charred over half of a million acres and claimed the life of one firefighter. Over 2,600 homes are under evacuation orders in the Santa Barbara area, and 1,000 more are being put on alert for future evacuation.

Thank you all for your continued support! The allergy epidemic remains on the rise worldwide, but we can overcome this disease through awareness, education, environmental control, and allergen avoidance.

Breathe Better,

P. Cade McDonald
Allergy Consumer Report

achoo! Review by achoo! ALLERGY & AIR Products
achoo! Review by achoo! ALLERGY & AIR Products






Volume Five :: Issue Seven :: July 2008    

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Top Five Air Cleaners for Allergies
Doctors recommend HEPA air cleaners for allergy sufferers. HEPA filters are guaranteed to trap 99.97% of household allergens.

Ionic Air Cleaner Consumer Warning
As it turns out, the ionic air cleaner actually pollutes the air.

The Great Air Cleaner Scam
It's hard to believe that an air cleaner would actually pollute the air, but some of the most popular models do just that.

Reader Spotlight

Jamie C. of Hayden, ID is the winner of this month's Allergy Sweepstakes. Jamie will receive an Allergy Armor™ Ultra bedding package and a Blueair air purifier.

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NEW! Comfort-Aire Dehumidifiers
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Masks for California Wildfire Pollution
If you live in an area affected by the fires, wear a mask if you must go outdoors, especially if you have a respiratory condition like asthma.

Dr. Mercola Explains the Importance of Healthy Sun Exposure
For most people, fifteen to twenty minutes of sunlight exposure three times a week is adequate for health benefits.

Michelle Obama on Having a child with Asthma
In a new book titled "Healthy Child, Healthy World," Michelle Obama calls for increased efforts at asthma education and prevention.

Dyson DC25 Vacuum Review
"The Dyson DC25 vacuum almost makes vacuuming fun."

Yes, Even Upscale Hotels Are Dirty
Bedbugs have become a big problem in recent years, especially in hot spots for international travel like Las Vegas, New York, and Atlanta.

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Herbal Armor DEET Free Insect Repellant
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Vanicream Sunscreen
Formulated for people who have sensitive skin, Vanicream sunscreen is fragrance-free, safe, and effective.
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3M 6291 HEPA Mask
The most popular and most effective mask for allergy sufferers.

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