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From the Editor of achoo! Review, allergy newsletter
According to all the yellow pollen I am seeing, Spring is here. All of our cars are blanketed with it and yesterday our local paper touted that pollen levels had spiked. Fear not fellow allergy sufferers. You do not have to drastically change your routine. Just be cognizant that there are more things in the air than usual that can trigger allergic reactions. Donít forget to take your antihistamines and try not to drive with your windows down.

Lately I have been engaged in fitness; thanks to my wife who enrolled me in an 8 week fitness challenge. So while it is enticing to go jogging outside this afternoon, I will opt to do something inside like run on the treadmill or climb the stair climber. Ideally, I would rather be outside, but since pollen levels are so high, I will alter my plans slightly and not risk an allergy attack.

On another subject, our team has been feverishly working on our dehumidifier selection. I am proud to announce that we are now offering industrial dehumidifiers that work wonderfully in residential applications like basements and crawlspaces. Check out our new offering from Dri-Eaz Dehumidifiers and Ebac Dehumidifiers.

Lastly, I suggest you take a few minutes to read our articles highlighting humidity and allergies and the effects of humidity on the human body. Until next month, breathe better and instead of fighting allergens, just avoid them!

Breathe better,

P. Cade McDonald

Volume Six :: Issue Four :: April 2009    
5 Home Humidity

Home Humidity & Allergies Dust mites thrive in humid environments. As you probably know, dust mites eat shed skin cells. When the environment is humid, our skin absorbs this ambient moisture, making these sloughed-off skin cells a feast of softened tissue for dust mites.

Humdity effect on the body

Effects of Humidity on the Human Body In particular, high humidity causes both dust mite populations and mold colonies to grow, thereby greatly increasing the total allergen load for allergy sufferers.

Humidity Glossary

Humidity Glossary As with most things, education and information are the first steps in arming yourself against a health threat. Here is a short list of terms and their meanings simplified into laymenís terms.

Save 6% on your Entire Order Now Through 4/30

Save 6% on your Entire Order Now Through 4/30

Dri-Eaz Dehumidifiers

Dri-Eaz Dehumidifiers
Quiet, efficient, portable and reliable, Dri-Eaz provides the best dehumidification solutions for water damage restoration and environmental control.

Ebac Dehumidifiers

Ebac Dehumidifiers
New additions to our line of Ebac Dehumidifiers
include several crawlspace, commercial and restoration products. We are now offering free shipping on all Ebac dehumidifiers.

Reader Spotlight

Mary Ann H. of Oak Park, IL, is the winner of this month's Allergy Sweepstakes. Mary will receive an Allergy Armor Ultra bedding package and a Blueair air purifier.


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