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Letter From The Editor
Dear Fellow Allergy Sufferers,

As any chronic allergy sufferer knows, having allergies is not just about some extra sneezing during pollen season. The scope of the impact of allergies is wide and far-reaching. For example, lost sleep affects school and job performance as well as your mood which in turn can influence personal relationships. Sadly, studies have corroborated a link between respiratory distress and depression.

Our article Back to School with Allergies Checklist has this in mind. It suggests crucial allergy relief products, like allergy bedding and air purifiers, with the perspective not only of helping children cope with allergy symptoms, but also with helping children fulfill their potential in school.

While allergies affect multiple facets of a person's life, they may have their beginnings in a way that's not so self-evident. This month's article Probiotics and Allergies explores matters such as the “hygiene hypothesis” and the differences between countries and regions of the world in terms of allergies. The article highlights possible ways that allergies might develop and flourish in modern times.

The best news about this kind of research is that it may hold answers about how to forestall allergies in the first place – even from before birth. We enjoy bringing our readers up-to-date information, and we want to help make life with allergies not only symptom-free, but as fun and enjoyable as possible.

Breathe Better,

P. Cade McDonald

Volume Seven :: Issue Nine :: September 2010
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Hidden Trigger - Could Chemicals be Aggravating Your Allergies?
Many people seeking relief for allergic conditions such as asthma, allergies and sinusitis have a general idea of their prime triggers. The usual suspects include dust, pets, mold and pollen, but a growing number of doctors and scientists believe that airborne chemicals may also aggravate allergic diseases.

Probiotics and Allergies

Probiotics and Allergies
Probiotic bacteria are living organisms normally found in the intestines of healthy people. They are keys to maintaining a healthy immune system and overall health. Having healthy, stable gut flora makes people less prone to certain diseases, and it has much to do with our overall health.

Allergy Prevention at School

Back to School With Allergies
Allergies can have effects beyond making your children feel lousy. Poor sleep and chronic difficulty breathing can take a mental toll that impacts your child's behavior and school performance. Minimizing your child's exposure to allergens is one of the best ways to keep him feeling – and doing – his best all year round. Here are some ways to keep allergies under control this school year:

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Reader Spotlight
Reader Spotlight

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Feels Like the Clean, Fresh Air Maker - Austin Air Healthmate Air Purifier

My 1 year old grandson was diagnosed with allergy induced asthma brought on by exposure to his trigger ... dust. Although the specialist stated that a good quality air purifier would help "a little", I began researching. After all my research, I chose this unit. It was MOST important to me that the purifier I purchased be efficient, powerful, AND include a hospital grade HEPA FILTER. The filter HAD to be quality AND long lasting, as replacement filters on air purifiers can be pricey. This unit included all these and more! Read the rest of the review >

- Baby Breather

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