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Letter From The Editor
Dear Fellow Allergy Sufferers,

Some of my favorite allergy relief products are those that benefit both allergic and non-allergic individuals alike. Allergy bedding can make a world of difference for those who suffer from allergies, but the benefits are lost on someone who doesn’t have these allergic reactions. Air purifiers are pretty much the same: a non-allergic person who knows that he's breathing cleaner air still doesn't reap the same benefit as an allergic person who actually, physically experiences the difference.

Steam cleaners, on the other hand, offer tangible benefits to everyone. Once you've tried one for yourself – whether it's a steam mop, a handheld unit, or a vapor steam cleaner – it's hard to imagine your cleaning routine without one. Throwing out a slew of cleaning products and getting even the most arduous of cleaning tasks accomplished are two things everyone can appreciate.

And by eliminating the need for chemicals that can trigger allergy and asthma attacks and providing healthier, deep clean, steam cleaners help prevent allergies as well. It's a win for everyone - an allergy relief product that serves allergy-sufferer and non-allergy-sufferer alike.

We've certainly been enjoying the benefits of steam cleaning as we're expanding our offering in this category. Our team vied for the chance to test out our sample steam cleaners at home. Check out our steam cleaners selection on our site, give us a call to talk about which options are best for your particular needs, and put the natural and effective power of steam to work in your home.

Breathe Better,

P. Cade McDonald


Volume Seven :: Issue Twelve :: December 2010
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5 Things to Consider When Buying a Steam Cleaner
Protect your family and home from microorganisms and allergens. Using only water and heat, steam cleaners provide a deep clean that sanitizes without the use of harmful chemicals. See how you can find allergy relief with a steam cleaner.

Dr. Rezvani

Allergist Interview: Dr. Maziar Rezvani
Dr. Maziar Rezvani of Georgia Allergy, Immunology, and Asthma. "In our practice, we consider ourselves immunologists before allergists. Allergy is merely a sub-study in the field of immunology, which focuses on hypersensitivity. Our scope is much wider than allergy alone..."

What's New at Introduces Steam Cleaners

New! Steam Cleaners!
From the highly effective Ladybug steam cleaners and versatile Reliable EnviroMate models to the popular Vapamore steam cleaner to the economical Gruene steam mop, we are sure there is a vapor steam cleaner that can give your home the healthier kind of clean that you deserve.

AirOSwiss Humidifiers

New! Air-O-Swiss rolls out two new humidifiers
These state-of-the-art humidifiers allow you to have complete control over how quickly moisture is put back into your indoor environment. Shop the U600 Ultrasonic Humidifier and the U650 Humidifier with LCD controls.

Dyson DC24 Animal

New! Dyson DC24 Animal Vacuum Cleaner
Though lightweight and compact, this versatile upright vacuum retains all of the features that have made Dyson so popular.

See a complete list of new products: What's New at Achoo!

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Reader Spotlight
Reader Spotlight

Thomas W. of New York, NY is the winner of this month's Allergy Sweepstakes. Thomas will receive an Allergy Armor Ultra bedding package and a Blueair air purifier.

Win a $100 Gift Card for Writing a Review!

Congratulations to Sam, the winner of our Product Review $100 GIFT CARD! Every month we offer a $100 Barnes and Noble gift card to one lucky customer who took the time to write a review on a product purchased from You could be our next winner!

Bad air! Great air! - Blueair 403 HEPA Air Purifier

Recently I noticed on my son's chat message it read "Bad air, bad air!" Apparently the city where he is going to college experiences bad air days. What's a mother to do... I sent the Blueair 403 the next day. He plugged it in and noticed an immediate difference. I feel better knowing that he is getting good air while he sleeps. We have two of the same models at home and they work like a charm.
-A loving mother

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