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Letter From The Editor
Dear Fellow Allergy Sufferers,

I know first-hand that getting effective allergy treatment isn't just about making some inconvenient symptoms go away; rather, treating allergies involves making some lifestyle changes and following doctors' recommendations so that day-to-day quality of life improves.

It's hard to calculate the difference in mood that an allergy-free, restful night of sleep can create, or the improved ability to concentrate when we're not sneezing or blowing our noses every few minutes. Breathing better really makes us happier, and contributing to this through providing allergy relief products is truly rewarding.

Dr. Eugene Hurwitz, the first of our allergists to be interviewed in the series premiere of our monthly spotlight on allergists, feels the same way. He says that, "the best part of being an allergist is the fact that we can improve the quality of life for almost every patient we see."

On the flip side, I'm also glad that our products and the information we provide on our site aren't just for those with allergies. So many of our products benefit the health of individuals who never suffer from allergies. Take our feature on mold, for instance. Whether or not you experience symptoms when exposed to mold, it isn't healthy or safe to have around. Dehumidifiers and mold cleaners help stave off the problem before it starts, especially during these humid summer months.

So whether you have allergies or not, and whether you can relate to the difference an allergy-free day makes or have yet to discover the joy of allergy relief, we invite you to explore our products, our newsletter, and the additional treasure trove of information provided on our site. Here's to healthier, happier lives!

Breathe Better,

P. Cade McDonald


Volume Seven :: Issue Seven :: July 2010
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Top Five Reasons to Own a Dehumidifier

Top Five Reasons to Own a Dehumidifier
Using a dehumidifier to supplement your air conditioning is a great way to save some money during the summer months. Also, using a dehumidifier in addition to air conditioning is an excellent way to help your family feel more comfortable, even while maintaining your thermostat at the same temperature.

All About Mold

All About Mold
In many parts of the country, summertime means high temperatures and high humidity a combination that can breed large amounts of allergens. In particular, dust mite allergen and mold spores thrive in hot, moist environments. In this article, we will focus on mold what it is, how it grows, the health problems it can cause, and what you can do to prevent mold from gaining a foothold in your home.

Allergist Interview: Dr. Eugene Hurwitz

Allergist Interview: Dr. Eugene Hurwitz
This month we begin our series of interviews with allergists across the country. It is our hope that reading about these physicians' practices, their favored treatments, and what they have to say about the future of allergy treatment will provide you (and us!) with valuable insight into your own allergy treatment options. We begin with an allergist close to home, right here in the Atlanta area.

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Reader Spotlight
Reader Spotlight

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