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Letter From The Editor
Dear Fellow Allergy Sufferers,

Every month, I look forward to the newest installment in our Allergist Interview series. We ask the doctors the same questions every month, yet the information we learn from them continues to be enlightening and instructive. For instance, this month we talked to Dr. Scott Carroll about mucus color and infections. This is a topic that we don't discuss much because of the "ick" factor, but nevertheless it is useful and, honestly, interesting information to know.

I also love offering our customers new and improved solutions to meet their allergen avoidance needs. With winter storms keeping everyone stuck in the house, indoor allergens are accumulating more than ever. If your household includes pets, you know what I mean. It's a perfect time to try out Dyson's Groom Pet Brush. This one-of-a-kind tool gently pulls loose hair from your pet's coat; and then it uses Dyson's patented suction technology to pull the fur and dander away from the bristles. This easy clean-up means even less exposure to allergens and that's what we're all about!

Breathe Better,

P. Cade McDonald

Volume Eight :: Issue Two :: February 2011
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Winter Tips for Pet Owners

Winter Tips: Reducing Pet Dander Indoors
All year long, allergen concentrations in the home are higher than they are outdoors. But during wintertime, when our pets spend an increased amount of time indoors, we see an even higher allergen load in the home.

Dr. Scott Carroll

Allergist Interview: Dr. Scott Carroll
This month we interviewed Dr. Scott Carroll of the Atlanta Allergy and Asthma Clinic. He provided us with some compelling information about some topics we all wonder about (but may not discuss easily) like what those different colors of mucus might mean.

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Dyson Groom Pet Brush

New! Dyson Groom - Pet Brush
Now, Dyson offers you a new and easier way to remove dog hair and keep your home clean with the Dyson Groom - Pet Brush vacuum attachment! The Dyson Groom has retractable slicker bristles that remove loose pet hair while you brush.

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Reader Spotlight
Reader Spotlight

James J. from Flagstaff, AZ is the winner of this month's Allergy Sweepstakes. James will receive an Allergy Armor Ultra bedding package and a Blueair air purifier.

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Congratulations to Mother Hen, the winner of our Product Review $100 GIFT CARD! Every month we offer a $100 Barnes and Noble gift card to one lucky customer who took the time to write a review on a product purchased from You could be our next winner!

Dependable! Air-O-Swiss 7135 / 7133 Ultrasonic Humidifier

My son was born in the middle of winter and we heat our house with a wood burner. Right away his eczema flared up and he developed a cough. My 3yr old son also developed a bloody nose and that was the last straw. We've bought generic humidifiers in the past only to have them break within the first year. This humidifier is so dependable and reliable and easy to operate. It's quiet and efficient and I'm so glad we bought it. My son's eczema has since subsided and the cough has gone away.
 - Mother Hen

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