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Volume Eight | Issue Nine | September 2011

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Dear Fellow Allergy Sufferers,

For fellow allergy sufferers trying to minimize their symptoms, living life to the fullest means planning ahead - like getting ready for fall allergies before pollen season hits.

Dr. Eric Caplan, whom we interviewed this month, touches on this matter when he encourages asthma patients to "dream big." Provided they have the oversight and counsel of a board certified allergist, people with asthma and allergies can accomplish almost anything.

Being conscious of what can trigger allergy symptoms in sensitive individuals can improve the health of those who don't have allergies. The first part of our nail salon series highlights the dangers of polluted indoor air for everyone. As always, regardless of whether an individual has allergies, education is the first line of defense!

Breathe better,
P. Cade McDonald


Featured Articles

Toxic Indoor Air in Nail Salons

Toxic Indoor Air in Nail Salons, Part I

In this two-part series, we will discuss how nail salons become so polluted, why many nail salon workers are particularly vulnerable, the effects of specific chemicals found in nail salons, and most importantly, what can be done to allay these effects.

Top 3 Fall Allergy Relief Products

Thankfully, an environmental control regimen, especially one implemented before pollen counts begin to climb, can make the difference between a miserable battle with allergy symptoms and a relatively easy-breathing allergy season. Find out how...

Allergist Interview: Dr. Eric Caplan

"Being an allergist is a great, rewarding specialty, especially treating kids with asthma who had been not able to perform. Then, having their parents come back and say they have a brand new kid who can play with other kids on the playground rather than being at the doctor all the time."


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- Kathleen M.

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