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MARCH 2012
Allergist Interview - Dr. Alan Redding A Doctor's Perspective on Allergies -

Allergist Interview: Dr. Alan Redding

"We have seen 1,675 patients in our practice, to date. We specialize in treating patients with allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and asthma with a rapid desensitization to their allergic triggers. This greatly reduces, and, sometimes eliminates, their allergy symptoms in as fast as one month."

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Achoo! Focus On U.S. Jobs, Nothing to sneeze About

"Our goal is provide the best allergy relief products available, and if we can source that domestically, we do - even it means us setting up our own cut and sew manufacturing operation."

See why "insourced" its bedding manufacturing brings bedding manufacturing in-house
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2/20/12 - Asthma Claims Pulitzer Prize Winner on Pinterest

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