Allergy Armor Cotton Mattress Covers Customer Q & A

Allergy Armor Cotton Mattress Covers Product Details
Q1: Do you ship to Montreal, CANADA?

A: Yes. We can ship 99% of our products to Canada. With this particular product, it would likely ship via USPS. The shipping is higher than normal US shipping, and the customer is responsible for local duties and taxes. With most products, including bedding, by shipping USPS, we do save the customer the brokerage fee typically $35 that UPS and FedEx charge for international orders.

Q2: Are your allergy mattress covers double sided? We flip our mattress every so often & want a cover that we don't have to take off & flip every time we flip the mattress. Thanks for your time!

A: Yes. Each side is the same, so regardless of which side of the mattress you have turned up, the mattress is completely covered and protected.

Q3: We received a crib mattress from my mother-in-law. Since they live out of state for more than half the year, the mattress smells EXTREMELY musty. We have tried airing it out outside in the fresh air, but the smell is still there and continues to come through the mattress pad and sheet. I don't want my baby breathing that in, nor do I want the room to continue to smell musty. Will one of your covers help "cover-up" the smell??? Thanks!

A: No. None of them are airtight. You do have a couple of other options though. You can try an Eco Discoveries cleaner. These products are enzyme based and won't leave any chemical residue like other cleaners. Odor X is also a good product to try to help remove the odor. You can also try steam cleaning it. Steam cleaner generally unlock trapped odors and can penetrate even hard surfaces. In this case you would want to make sure the mattress completely dries after steaming it.

Q4: Uncertain about size. I have a queen set. Box spring is 9" deep, but pillowtop mattress is 12". What size do you recommend?

A: I would suggest you go with the 15" Cotton bedding package. The vinyl box spring cover only comes in 9". Though, I'll let you know up front, it fits very snugly, so be careful while installing. The vinyl has some give and a little stretch to it so even if it's tight you can install it with little issue. For the mattress encasing, the 15" should work fine. The larger size will make it a little easier to install plus, any excess fabric and be tucked under the mattress.

Q5: Is the cotton mattress cover waterproof? We would be buying this for a crib size mattress. thanks.

A: The Allergy Armor Cotton bedding is not waterproof. If you spill something on it, initially the spill will bead up, but given time it will sink into the fabric. All of the Allergy Armor fabrics come in the crib size, EXCEPT Organic and Vinyl. If you need a crib mattress but you want waterproof, I'd suggest the either the Allergy Armor Classic or Bed Bug. Both have a urethane lining that make them waterproof, and both are effective barriers against dust mites and other allergens.

Allergy Armor Cotton Mattress Covers Product Details

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