Saltaire Nasal Sinus Wash Customer Q & A

Saltaire Nasal Sinus Wash Product Details
Q1: Where can I purchase Saltaire at , suddenly I can't get it on line.

A: No where that I'm aware of. The manufacturer sold the brand to another company a few years ago. Just last month the current manufacturer said they were discontinuing the product. If you're looking for a hypertonic solution like Saltaire, you can go one of two routes. You can mix your own using boiled then cooled or distilled water, plus table salt and baking soda. You would want to play with the salinity a bit to find the right mix that mimics Saltaire. Or you could try Neilmed's hypertonic solution. It can be purchased direct

Q2: Will you be getting SaltAire back in stock anytime soon - I have been having a hard time trying to find it. Thank you.

A: Highly doubtful. We've been in touch with the manufacturer recently and was effectively told that barring some change on their part, they are discontinuing the production of Saltaire. I will say though, you can make a very similar product on your own. Start with distilled water, since you know that it would be free of impurities. Add in sodium bicarbonate baking soda, and salt. The baking soda helps to balance the pH, which is why if you inhaled straight water through your nose, it hurts not pH balanced. The salt is what made Saltaire so much different than other nasal rinse solutions. The higher salinity caused more moisture to be drawn own from nasal passages. You can experiment a bit with the mix to find a close approximation to Saltaire, but it should have the same effect. For exact measurements of the ingredients, visit this page and go down to the section titled "Can I Mix My Own Solution". The mix provided is for a more balanced solution, but adding in more salt can make it hypertonic like Saltaire. Hope that helps!

Q3: I have some Saltaire Nasal Sinus Wash it's probably 5 years old just found it after moving is it still good? What is the shelf life?

A: Usually Saltaire lists out an expiration date of about three years. At this point, you may just want to replace or toss it.

Q4: Am wondering how often this can be used? What is the recommended time between usage? Thank you

A: This can be used as needed, so that can be daily or once a week, more, less or anything in between. There is no real set timeline for frequency of use. If used daily, or multiple times a day, take note of your symptoms and track the results since Saltaire is a hypertonic solution and can really dry out your sinuses.

Q5: I have high blood pressure can i use the nasal wash without it making my blood pressure go up because of the salt.

A: The packets in Neilmed are pH balanced, so in most cases they should be limited in the amount of moisture or salt that is absorbed by the nasal passages. When mixed correctly it should simply flush with little absorption. Additionally, the actual amount of salt in each packet is less than the amount of sodium in a slice of bread.

Saltaire Nasal Sinus Wash Product Details

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