Primaloft Synthetic Down Pillows Customer Q & A

Primaloft Synthetic Down Pillows Product Details
Q1: Which one of your pillows would work good with someone that sleeps on her stomach, and like the pillow soft. Thank You, Marianne

A: Yes! Primaloft pillows work best for these types of sleepers.

Q2: What is the fill count on this pillow? I often see Primaloft pillows listed with this information and i would like to compare density. Thank you!

A: The fill in each pillow size we offer is measure in ounces. For standard primaloft pillows the fill is 20 oz. Queen pillows have 24 oz of fill while Primaloft King pillows have 30 oz of fill.

Q3: Somewhere sometime I read that you can put a primaloft pillow in your dryer with several tennis balls to revitalize the pillow. What is the procedure to to this?

A: This advice was mainly meant for comforters, but could also be used with pillows. Particularly with comforters, the filling of a comforter will often ball up, as will the comforter itself. By putting 2-3 tennis balls in the dryer you can help prevent this. If it is a very large comforter that takes up a larger portion of the space in your dryer, the use of tennis balls won't help as much as they won't have enough room to move around and work. But regardless of whether it's a comforter or pillows, if you're concerned with the filling balling up in one corner, the use of a couple tennis balls will help. Just note, I've done this several times, and it makes quite a racket in your dryer with them bouncing around in there!

Primaloft Synthetic Down Pillows Product Details

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