Primaloft Comforters Customer Q & A

Primaloft Comforters Product Details
Q1: Where are the primaloft comforters made?

A: The shell is made in China. Then the filling, finishing, and packing is done here in the U.S.

Q2: Does this comforter have fire retardent in it or other "added chemicals"? I'm concerned about off-gasing and/or VOCs.

A: No. This shouldn't give you any problems in terms of off gassing.

Q3: What does the twin comforter weigh?

A: Total weight of the actual comforter is right around 5 lbs.

Q4: Does this comforter protect against allergies to dust mites specifically?

A: The Primaloft are made of a synthetic down equivalent. The outer shell and filling, because they lack down or feathers, do not cause allergic reactions. However, like most other comforters, they lack a physical barrier. The best way to ensure dust mite and the dust mite allergen does not make it into your comforter is to use a comforter cover. This fits over the comforter, is fairly lightweight and is more easily washed than a comforter. Plus, you don't have to worry about the allergen penetrating the cover, nor worry about the comforter filling balling up in the washer or dryer.

Q5: What makes a comforter hypoallergenic? Does it have to have certain ingredients or lack thereof or it is just a label applied to a Brand that has requested doctor review? Thanks!

A: There is really nothing at this time that regulates the term "hypoallergenic". Most "hypoallergenic" products generally substitute out the allergen containing agent for something that is less likely to cause a reaction, in the case of PrimaLoft comforters, down is replaced by a synthetic fill that lacks the allergens often contained in down while providing a down-like feel.

Primaloft Comforters Product Details

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