3M 8233 and 8293 Masks Customer Q & A

3M 8233 and 8293 Masks Product Details
Q1: I have copd, the symptoms of which subsided when I quit smoking this year. However, I mowed my lawn the other day, and they have all returned. I suspect grass pollen, and wonder if this mask will prevent further attacks.

A: This 3M 8233 is a pretty good option. It's soft, seals well around the face, and offers HEPA filtration. It can be a little warm, and may be a bit more than what you need. So, you can either start with something lighter and work your way up, like with a Vogmask or even a Respro Allergy mask, and if those don't provide enough filtration, switch up to a 3M with HEPA. Or, you can just go straight with the 3M. Provided the reaction wasn't caused by some type of vapor, like emissions from the mower, or something like a fragrance, the 3M should do the trick. For things like fragrances, odors, or chemical vapors, you'd want a mask with some activated carbon, but if your guess is correct, then this won't be necessary. Hope that helps!

Q2: I'm asthmatic and often breathe through my mouth. Will this mask stay in place and sealed if I open my mouth to breathe?

A: Yes. They seal enough area around the mouth that you can talk reasonable well and breathe through the mouth without issue.

Q3: .I live in the San Joaquin Valley California where they grow cotton and during the fall season they spray to defoliate and it has DEF.lots of people here get allergies that time of year and it's difficult.which mask could I buy and wear every day to help me for two months of the year.

A: The most helpful mask is likely to be the Respro Techno, the Respro Allergy w/ optional chemical/particle filters, or possible the ICanBreathe Honeycomb carbon. I'm not exactly certain what you're trying to filter out, but if it relates to cotton production, for often than not, it is residue from pesticides and insecticides which are still heavily used in growing. For these, vapors/particulate, an 8233 mask may help, simply b/c the filtration rate is so high, but you may see slightly better luck with one of the first three I listed due to the activated carbon in the filters. The particle filtration will be lower than that of the 8233 but you get the added benefit of filtration of chemical compounds. Hope that helps!

Q4: How many uses before dispossing it? By that I mean after cleaning the house one day can I use it again the following day to finish up?

A: To answer the second question, yes. You can typically use these mask many times before tossing them. In general, about 50-60 hours of use is what you should expect to before replacing them. Or, if you notice odor/particles pass through or if it feels more difficult to breathe through, then you'll likely want to replace it. The only time I've ever used one and tossed it right after I was done was when I was wearing it while using a grinder to remove grout. That was fairly extreme though as the space I was working in literally looked like I was in a dense fog all grout dust. Hope that helps!

Q5: I go fishing alot and the oil, fumes from the boat and the water give me a problem. Will these mask block out the air/fumes from my breathing when I am out on the lake? Thank you,

A: Some some small extent yes, but for better filtration of odor, you should look at a mask with carbon in the filter. Masks like the Honeycomb carbon mask or any of the Respro masks when equipped with the particle/chemical filters will work in this regard. The carbon adsorbs odors, fumes and vapors that will often pass straight through a standard HEPA filter.

Q6: 3M 8233 and 3M 8293=== are these masks worn together at the same time? Or how do they work?

A: No. They are VERY similar masks, nearly identical in fact. What makes them different is that the 8293 will also trap oil based particulate while the 8233 will not. Aside from this, these two masks offer the same filtration, but are indeed worn separately.

3M 8233 and 8293 Masks Product Details

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