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Web Vent Filters Product Details
Q1: Will the vent filters cause any potential damage to the central heating unit and outside unit?

A: Highly unlikely. While they are about a quarter of an inch thick slightly less, they aren't going to impede airflow too much at the point where it enters the room. They are designed mainly for visible dust, larger particles, and as such, they're not as dense as your typical furnace filter. And as nonwoven polyester, they should add very little, if any at all, pressure due to slowing airflow. Hope that helps!

Q2: Do you carry these filter wider size?

A: Unfortunately, no. They are all pre-cut.

Q3: the filters come in 4 by 12 inches, is it possible to by in a roll instead of pieces?

A: As of this time, we still haven't found an adequate source for large quantities this material. Despite numerous requests over the last few years, Webb will not provide us with rolls of the material, and several other manufacturers we have approached are either unwilling or offer products that lack the electrostatic properties that make the web vents so effective.

Q4: Does the filter restrict the flow of air fron the HVAC?

A: No. The filter media is a non-woven type that really only works to capture large particles, dust bunnies, hair and other large particles. You shouldn't see a significant off in air flow.

Web Vent Filters Product Details

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