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Safeguard Window Filters Product Details
Q1: Can the filters be washed or vacuumed?

A: You can certainly vacuum them off to extend the life of them! Washing them, I would be a bit more hesitant about as sometimes submersion in water can cause the fibers that make up the filter media to separate. Hope that helps!

Q2: What is it made of?

A: Plastic end caps, metal screen mesh, and a nonwoven polyester filter media sheet between the layers of metal screen mesh.

Q3: Will these work on windows that slide side to side or just up and down? Thanks!

A: If the dims work for you size window, yes. The screens will stand vertically without sliding closed.

Q4: Does it matter which side of the filter should face outside vs inside for them to work properly? If so, please describe proper positioning for best results. Thank you.

A: No. There is a layer of filter media in between the two layers of mesh screen, so both sides are the same.

Q5: Will this work to screen out soot from passing car traffic? That is large enough to be visible. I'm guessing that other airborne pollutants gaseous are not filtered out.

A: It will block some of the particles from vehicle emissions, but you are correct, that the odors and chemical pollutants from car exhausts will pass through. For that you would need a type of filter that uses activated carbon since standard particle/HEPA filters allow most odors and chemical vapors to pass through.

Q6: What other kind of allergens does this screen filter out? The description doesn't specfy! I'd like to know if it can filter out pet dander that I don't want floating in from outside.

A: Some, but small dander in particular, like cat dander, could and likely would potentially pass through. It's a tough balance between filtering but not choking off airflow to the point where no air passes through. Pollens, dust, mold and fungi spores as well as visible particle. Hope that helps!

Q7: Hi, I have a question about the safeguard window filter. I see the dimensions for height and width, but not for how thick it is in the middle as in, how far back it goes into the window. THanks

A: Good question! The overall maximum depth of any of these filters is going to be about 1 3/8".

Q8: Will the screens block out fungal spores ? What is delivery price to uk?

A: The size of fungal spores can vary pretty widely. From 1-100 microns, the sizes can make filtration difficult. For pollen grains with a size of 14-18 microns, the filters tested out with 98.1% efficacy by an independent lab. So while I would say they trap most fungal spores, simply due to the size of the particles, they cannot trap all. While something like an EU rated HEPA filter H13 would be more effective airflow through the filter would be virtually non existent. In terms of shipping, it's going to be cost prohibitive to ship to the UK. For a pair of filters, the cost would likely run around $100 USD to the UK. That would vary based on a specific post code I chose one at random and quantity. Hope that helps.

Q9: Do these filters block out chemical odors from outside or are they just for pollen? When my neighbors do wash, burn wood in their backyard pits or spray their lawns, I can't have the windows open because of MCS. It's hard to let the fresh air in when there isn't any. Thanks!

A: Particles only. While some components of wood smoke and other chemicals are large enough to be trapped by particle filtration, such as that used by these filters, the majority of the pollutants that make up chemicals or smoke is not. These particles need to be adsorbed with carbon or oxidized to be removed or rendered inert. So if you do use the window filters you may still notice odors/chemicals passing through.

Q10: How often do you need to change these?

A: Every 6 to 12 months, but this will vary depending on your location and the level of pollution in the air and time of year. In areas where pollen is heavier or pollution is more prevalent, you will want to lean towards 6 months. For most other places, an annual change will suffice. In the coming months, look for replacement cartridges for these filters to appear on our site. You simple remove the end cap, slide out the old cartridge and slide a new on in.

Safeguard Window Filters Product Details

Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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