Ecology Works DustMite and Flea Control Customer Q & A

Ecology Works DustMite and Flea Control Product Details
Q1: Can you use this powder on your matress or sheets.

A: Yes, as a powder that gets mixed into a liquid spray, it can be used on carpet, mattresses, upholstered furniture, etc. Just remember to test it on an inconspicuous area. In over 8 years of selling this product, I've yet to hear about a problem with color, fade, discoloration, etc., BUT, with any new liquid I always recommend a test area.

Q2: How often do most people need to retreat with the product?

A: Usually in the range of 3-6 months. So overall, anywhere from 2-4 times per year.

Q3: How many minutes/hrs after spraying on carpet, stuffed animals, couches and other surfaces before vacuuming?

A: Once it's dry, you can vacuum and wipe surfaces, so there is not set time. Times will vary some based on the temperature and relative humidity in your home.

Q4: Does the Dust Mite and Flea Control kill the flea eggs in carpet and other upholstery?

A: Yes. DMFC specifically targets the eggs and larvae. It will not kill adult fleas. However, since the lifespan for a flea is only a few days, AND the DMFC will continue to work killing eggs and larvae several weeks after treatment, it works well as an overall flea and dust mite treatment.

Q5: How much would I need for 800 sq foot apartment?

A: It would take approximately 1lb. of Dust Mite and Flea Control to treat 800 sq. ft. 8 cups of Dust Mite and Flea Control are needed, mixed with 4 gallons of water, to treat 800 sq. ft. So you would either want to purchase one large bag or two of the smaller bags. That's an approximate measure since converting ounces to cups will vary by substance.

Ecology Works DustMite and Flea Control Product Details

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