Allersearch X-Mite Powder Customer Q & A

Allersearch X-Mite Powder Product Details
Q1: How often should you use this product?

A: Generally once every three months. The time between the first application and the 2nd might be shorter, but after that, regular maintenance is about every three months.

Q2: Can this product be applied to mattresses? Thanks

A: While it's physically possible to use this on your mattress, X-Mite won't penetrate deep enough into your mattress to be fully effective. This is partly why it is suggested that for use on carpets, you use a "rake" or brush to make sure it penetrates deep into the carpeting. Your best bet for mattress protection is encasing the mattress then periodically washing the encasings in the Allergen Wash.

Allersearch X-Mite Powder Product Details

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