Allersearch Allergen Wash Customer Q & A

Allersearch Allergen Wash Product Details
Q1: How many loads of wash can you get from each size bottle?

A: With the standard 24 ounce bottle, it launders 30 medium sized loads, while the 128 ounce refill bottle launders 180 medium size loads. Hope that helps!

Q2: can this product be bought in Atlanta GA

A: You can stop by our showroom and purchase this as well as all of our other products at our Chamblee location, just inside the perimeter, one block off of Peachtree Industrial Blvd.

Q3: I have antique linens my grandmother crocheted, what?, maybe 70-80 yrs ago - they have been stored and whenever I use them I have an allergy attack. I've washed and rewashed, bleached, etc. and it doesnt seem to work. Will your product harm the delicate fibers? Is it even possible at this point to salvage them?

A: The Allergen wash may work. It's difficult to determine since I'm not sure what material she used for crocheting them. It could possibly be something that cannot be washed out of the material. You could also try the Ecology Works Anti Allergen Detergent. It has a slightly milder formula, but regardless, I would test a small amount by hand washing a corner. Typically, there are no problems with either of these products, even on delicate items. If you have washed these linens in the washing machine with regular supermarket detergent, chances are very good that neither will harm them. There are a much wider variety of chemicals in standard laundry detergents than either the Allersearch Laundry Additive or the Ecology Works Anti Allergen Detergent.

Allersearch Allergen Wash Product Details

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