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Q1: I understand the aerochamber allows more delivery of medication than using an inhaler alone. Please site research studies that support this claim Thankyou, Maryellen

A: Spacers, like the Aerochamber, only deliver medication more efficiently than an MDI alone since with a spacer you can breathe normally. For some it is a problem to coordinate the inhalation of the medication with actual dispersal of it from the MDI generally, the elderly and small children. So in lieu of having to pump then inhale deeply at the same time, some people choose to use a spacer which allows them to breathe normally and get the same medication. The only studies that show that a spacer like the Aerochamber is an effectiv alternative to a nebulizer. Other studes from Johns Hopkins show that and MDI, MDI with spacer or nebulizer all delivery aerosolized medication effectively with the main differences being, device/drug availability clinical setting patient age and the ability to use the selected device correctly device use with multiple medications cost and reimbursement drug administration time convenience in both outpatient and inpatient settings and physician and patient preference. You can find all of these studies by searching and some are found here

Q2: Cleaning instructions for Aero Chamber Max, valued holding chamber-is such information available?

A: Generally for aerosol medication delivery systems we have recommended a warm water rinse every week or so, depending on how frequently you use the device. To take it a step further, you can soak it in a solution of mild, liquid dishsoap and lukewarm water, gently agitate, then rinse thoroughly. This will help keep it clean of dried up medication that may reduce the performance of the holding chamber.

Q3: how do I know the size? my son is 5 years old.

A: Generally your pediatrician will be able to give you a good idea of what size you need. For a child of that age though, the small size usually fits best.

AeroChamber Max Product Details

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