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Silk Comfort Mask Product Details
Q1: my daughter suffers from severe MCS and needs a good mask for her college classes. She needs a good one but doesn't want the bulk.Any suggestions?

A: I might try to Vogmask CV99 first. It's relatively inexpensive, but it's slim and comes in a few different colors. Another good option might be the Honeycomb Carbon mask. It, like the CV99, targets vapors, odors, and particles, but it does have a thicker carbon filter than the Vogmask. It's also lightweight and available in a couple different colors. The particle filtration of the Vogmask is slightly better but the smoke/odor/fragrance filtration of the Honeycomb is superior. Lastly, you could try a Respro Techno or the Respro Allergy Mask w/ the chemical/particle filter. Hope that helps!

Q2: I'm suffering from MCS, and wanted to know how the silk mask was processed, if it was bleached and how, and anything else that might affect a chemical sensitivity?

A: There is no bleaching. The process of preparing the raw material from the cocoon into silk thread which is then woven, involves steam, hot water and soap. The two layers of woven silk do have a polyester mesh between them to provide a little more rigidity and structure. Hope that helps!

Q3: What size particle will this filter?

A: It will filter down to about 0.7 microns, though the efficiency is somewhat low for particles this size. Here's a quick breakdown of the filtration. 0.7 = 73% 1 micron = 93% 5 microns = 100% In general, the Silk Comfort Mask filters 99% to 100% of particles as small as 2 microns. This particle range and higher will be where it is most efficient. This covers a wide variety of pollen, dander and other particles.

Q4: Does this mask have metal? Does the cotton mask with metal include nickel? I have fragrance-mix, rubber -mix, ad nickel allergy.

A: I apologize for the delay. I was pretty certain it did NOT have any nickel, but I wanted to hear back from the manufacturer before answering you. No, there is no nickel in any of the metal components of the ICanBreathe masks.

Q5: Are these masks ok to sleep in? If not, is there a mask you can wear while sleeping?

A: We get asked this question frequently. For most people, the air flow is not restrictive enough to impede breathing while sleep, particularly since respiration rates dip while asleep. However, we always suggest a measure of caution of wearing while sleeping since they are soft masks that could potentially cause problems for some people. Many people do sleep in this mask, but this is a personal choice that each individual wearer must make.

Q6: What are the silk comfort mask washing instructions?

A: Hand wash in cool water with a little unscented detergent that does not leave a residue. Residue will clog the mask making it harder to breathe through. A couple examples are OxyClean, Arm & Hammer or Purex Free & Clear. Use what works best for you and take note of what you are sensitive to. Do not rub as rubbing could rearrange the weave of natural silk fabric, and rinse well. For quick dry, roll in a clean towel and wear mask damp or hang the mask to dry. Do not dry clean. The mask may be dipped in hydrogen peroxide, then rinsed and washed.

Silk Comfort Mask Product Details

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