Honeycomb Mask with Carbon Filter Customer Q & A

Honeycomb Mask with Carbon Filter Product Details
Q1: Will this mask filter out the green pine tree pollen? I need to have cool air because I am at a high altitude and need a valve to take care of exhaled Co2

A: Yes. Pine pollens are typically some of the largest with many pines being large enough to be visible. Of the ICanBreathe masks, the Honeycomb carbon masks are the best in terms of particle and smoke/odor filtration. This mask, however, doesn't have a valve. For a valved mask that has the same type or better filtration, you might want to look at a Vogmask CV99, RZ Mask, Respro Techno, Sporsta, or Allergy mask, or the 3M 8233. The last of these has the best particle filtration but is a little more restrictive with strenuous activity and breathability. But, it is the only one of the three that is actually a HEPA filter. In your case pine pollen, it's not entirely necessary. The Respro and RZ's are both popular, valved and offer N95 or equivalent filtration. Those all would all work though. Hope that helps!

Q2: if the person wearing this mask has the flu- will it protect others from getting the flu?

A: Yes, it will help. That combined with washing their hands frequently are two simple measures that will go a long way. When they're no longer sick, I would probably hand wash the body of the mask and toss the filters.

Q3: Hello, will this enable me to be around Renuzit and Glade household air fresheners and products scented candles, and reed diffusers? My friends and family all use these and I get severe throbbing headaches, muscle aches, nausea, spinal issues with my neck, dizziness, mental fog and concentration, and trouble focussing my eyes. Most symptoms do not usually fully develop until hours later and then last up to 36 hours after.

A: It will certainly help. There's no guarantee of results, but conditions of use, fit, concentrations of the pollutants, and a variety of other factors contribute to how effective any mask is for an individual. That being said, this should be a good mask for those types of nuisance odors and air fresheners scents that are causing you problems. As a final note, we do have some people who actually double the filters in the mask for more protection. These generally tend to be people dealing with MCS, but by using two of the filters inside the mask instead of just one, it does offer better protection for the more sensitive wearer and for heavier concentrations of the pollutants. Hope that helps!

Q4: Will the Honeycomb Carbon mask reduce corn pollen? I live in rural Iowa and am surrounded with corn fields that are now pollinating

A: Indeed! Corn pollen is actually one of the larger pollen granules that you'll come across. The majority of it ranges from 22-122 microns. Particles at about 50 microns are actually visible by the human eye for some perspective, human hair is about 100 microns. With that being said, the carbon filter in the Honeycomb carbon mask will work well for this allergen. These filters have been tested to filter out 100% of particles as small as 1 micron. Any smaller and the filtration rate dips, but for 1 micron and larger, when properly fitted, this masks should remove all the pollen from the air you're breathing. Hope that helps!

Q5: How many hour's can a person wear the honeycomb mask be worn .thanks.

A: In terms of wear, however long is comfortable. For the filters, 40-60 hours of use or replace the filters every 3 months or so. You can extend this a bit by placing the mask in a sealed bag or container between uses.

Q6: Will these filter diesel, petrol fumes when walking in Streets? Also,in original site they are providing mask @ 25 while here ~22. Are these refurbished product or same as original? Thank you

A: To some extent, yes. The Honeycomb Carbon masks do offer filtration of those types of pollutants as well as particle allergens. They are not NIOSH rated but their filtration equivalent is very close - 100% for 5 micron particles, 99% for 1 micron particles and 95.5% for 0.5 micron particles. The carbon in the mask will adsorb odors, fumes, and nuisance level vapors such as the ones you describe. Our ICanBreathe masks are new from the manufacturer, but unlike some vendors, we are allowed to set our own price and do not have to follow the pricing structure of the manufacturer. Since these are very personal items, we do not sell any refurbished or used masks. Hope that helps!

Q7: I do lash extentions and I'm exposed to cyanacrylate fumes. I'm suffering from congestion and lung pain. Which mask would work the best for me?

A: I generally recommend people start with the least restrictive and work their way up. The Honecomb carbon is a good place to start. The activated carbon and particle filter media will help. How much it helps will depend on the concentration and specifics of your work area. I've found that in salons and particularly places where nails are done, air circulation is critical. These spaces can quickly fill with an array of less than healthy fumes from the adhesives, solvents, removers, and polishes used. The best bet is a good air circulation system that can help to bring fresh outdoor air in or filter the air in the space. When these things are done and done right, the Honeycomb carbon mask can help finish off what remains and what you're immediately exposed to. Some people find that doubling up the filters in the masks helps a great deal. It does make it a bit more difficult to breathe through but filters better for stronger fumes and odors. The next step up would be the Respro Techno mask OR the Respro Allergy mask with the optional chemical/particle filters. These seal a bit tighter around the face and provide slightly better particle filtration than the Honeycomb Carbon. The next step up would be a 6291 Respirator with the MCS or Organic Vapor filters. Though, I will say, if you look at that mask, it's a half face respirator. So it may not be the best fit in terms of client perception. Try the Honeycomb carbon and pick up an extra set of filters. If you still have fumes coming through, double the filters. If you STILL have fumes coming through, someone needs to address the air circulation/filtration of that space!

Q8: Does using this mask to breathe around people wearing fragrances that I am sensitive to and exposed to continuously during the day at work help to reduce the eye irritation?

A: Probably not much. The eye irritation may be reduced somewhat but not eliminated. It may be reduced simply because none of our senses work completely independently, and each influences the other, much in the way losing your sense of smell can impact your sense of taste. Other the other hand, a common symptom of allergies is watery eyes. This isn't entirely caused by particulate getting in the eye, but is more a part of the overall response from the body to an allergen or irritant. So, it should help some to reduce the aspect of the reaction that is part of the overall response though would have no impact on a reaction caused by your eyes being exposed to tiny fragrance particles directly, but I cannot say that definitively that it would eliminate that problem.

Q9: Does the mask filter out smoke? Thanks

A: Yes. Effectiveness will vary based on how well you fit the mask and the conditions where you are wearing it, but most people who opt for this mask do so b/c it does tackle fragrance, smoke and odors as well as common particle allergens.

Q10: Which mask will you reccomend to use when riding motorcycles in busy roads? thank you.

A: Respro Techno. It creates a nice seal around the face, is fully adjustable and the filter has some activated carbon to compliment the particle filter media. So this filter type will trap the exhaust as well as particles like dust. I prefer it over the Honeycomb simple because it can be adjusted to fit much snugger, which when riding, is important unless you're rocking a full face or street helmet.

Q11: I am travelling to Beijing, China in April. The pollution has been downgraded from poor to poisonous. They've even called the air quality "soupy" and gone on so far as to say that the city is not a safe place to live, work, or raise a family. Will this mask be sufficient for a brief stay of approximately 3 days under these conditions? If so, how often would you suggest the filter be changed? I cannot say as of right now how often or how long I will be outdoors, but figure that if the air is that bad outside, it has to be at minimum a poor condition inside buildings as well. Any thoughts? Thank you.

A: Yes, this should significantly help you in this case. Particularly with this type of city pollution, the activated carbon in this mask should help filter out these types of contaminants. If you're looking for a better sealing mask, I would suggest you consider any Respro mask WITH the chemical/particle filters. The Honeycomb isn't NIOSH rated, and while the Respro isn't either, the Respro does carry the European equivalent NIOSH rating of N95. Plus, the chemical/particle filters will adsorb and remove many of the chemicals you'll be dealing with. Many of the Respro models are specifically marketed and geared towards city pollution, and the Techno and Sportsta masks come standard with those chemical/particle filters. If you wear the mask ALL the time while you are in Beijing, you might want to snag and extra set of filters. As a reference point, the average filter life is about 60 hours of normal use.

Q12: Does it protect the user from a room of second hand smoke?

A: Yes. Though as with any mask, if it's an area where the concentration of the pollutant you want to filter is very high, some may eventually get through. However, for everyday use it will filter out secondhand smoke with no problems.

Q13: I work with fine powders vinegar,lemonand spices including chili and cayenne. Working w/large quantities it is almost unbearable. Will this mask work for me?

A: It will help. Whether or not it will eliminate the odors from those things will depend on the concentrations and how long you are around them. The activated carbon in this mask will reduce or eliminate what you breathe in while you work.

Q14: Hi, I walk approximately 6 blocks from the subway to my workplace. This is in midtown Manhattan, so I see at least 5 smokers during those 6 blocks. I hate inhaling their second hand smoke so much that I spend half my time holding my breath. Will this mask block out some or all of the second hand smoke?

A: Most of it, yes. It really cannot block out ALL smoke since the mask doesn't seal around the face like like of the 3M or Respro masks do, but the carbon filters in the Honeycomb mask will filter a most of the smoke.

Q15: I play roller derby and am looking for a mask to wear while I skate due to dust & perfumes that skaters wear in our practice space. Can you suggest something that will help me with this? I need something that will stay put while I am skating. Thanks!

A: The Honeycomb Carbon Mask is a great place to start! You may actually want to consider one of the Respro masks, like the Techno, Sportsta or the Respro Allergy Mask We still call it the Aero. All have some measure of activated carbon to help get rid of fragrances, and each will filter out dust. Personally, I think the Sporsta looks the coolest, esp. for roller derby!

Q16: Does the carbon filter in the HoneyComb mask contain coconut or any type of derivative from coconut oil? It has been my experience that coconut is often used in carbon filters, however, I am highly allergic to coconut as well as any derivative of coconut oil. I also have latex and silicone allergies--please confirm the honeycomb mask contains neither. If the HoneyComb mask does not meet the above criteria, can you please make a suggestion for another mask? Thank you in advance.

A: The base for the carbon is bituminous coal, and the mask/filter does NOT contain any latex or silicone. So it should be ok.

Q17: Is this product suitable for someone who suffers from severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivity?

A: Yes. With activated carbon, this mask is more specifically geared towards someone with MCS who may have a sensitivity to a myriad of different chemicals or odors. It tends to be one of our most sellers with MCS sufferers.

Q18: Looking for a mask that will help my 20 year-old daughter who is a hairdresser. The chemicals she has to work with powder bleach, hair dyes ect makes her cough and conjested. What would you suggest that is efficient yet comfortable?

A: Yes. The Honeycomb mask has a slim profile and is flexible. The carbon filters will filter out many of those chemical odors and well as particles, and when she's done the mask stores easily. The exterior is hand washable and filters replaceable. While there are a couple other mask that might offer slightly better particle filtration, they are bulkier, not as comfortable, and don't provide much more in the way of chemical filtration. With regular filter replacement, she should see good results with this face mask.

Q19: I need a mask that will filter smoke . when i go to casino the smoke is to much for me . can you help?

A: This Honeycomb Carbon mask will be your best bet. no pun intended It provides some activated carbon for odor filtration. Another alternative would be a Respro Aero / Allergy Mask with the Chemical/Particle filter, or a Respro Techno mask. The filters for these two also will give you some level of odor filtration in addition to filtering out particles. Any of these three should greatly reduce the odor, though if the cigarette smoke is particularly strong, as it can be in casinos, a small amount of the scent still may pass through.

Q20: Honeycomb Mask with Carbon Filter does it have Latex?

A: No.

Q21: I'm most interested in a comfortable mask for airborne allergens. Is this as effective as a N95 in filtering pollen, mold and dust?

A: Approximately the same. The Honeycomb carbon mask hasn't been NIOSH tested but in other tests, it has been found to perform about as well as a standard N95 mask.

Q22: I'm looking for a mask to use when I have to travel on an airplane because sometimes there are odours inside the plane that make me sick. I've heard the air inside the cabin is mixed with the air from the motors and might contain toxic particles. What would be the best mask for that? And if with activated carbon filters, how frequently do we have to replace them?

A: They honeycomb carbon mask will probably be your best option here. It's small, folds up easily and does have activated carbon to help adsorb and/or trap chemical pollutants and odors. Filter replacement will depend on use, but generally, you'll find best results with replacing the filters every 3-4 months.

Honeycomb Mask with Carbon Filter Product Details

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