Quick Bath Cleansing Wipes for Cats Customer Q & A

Quick Bath Cleansing Wipes for Cats Product Details
Q1: I'm just wondering what ingredients are in these wipes? And are they natural ingredients or chemicals. Thanks so much.

A: Though a bit vague, here is the current list of ingredients that IVS publishes for these products: Purified water, hair and skin cleansers and conditioners, emulsifiers, antiseptic and preservatives, anti-foam agent, Vitamin E, fragrance, Vitamin A, aloe vera and pH controllers.

Q2: I have three sphynx cats, can I use them to clean them? They hate to get a bath, and when they sit on the couch, it gets a brown stain from their body and on our clothes when they sit on us.

A: Yes. The Sphynx really doesn't require any more care than other cats but because of their lack of hair, you'll generally have two problems. The first, that brown stain you refer to, is likely their bodies' natural oils. Since there is not fur to collect it, it more easily rubs off on your and the furniture. The Quickbath Cat Wipes should allow you to remove the oils without actually bathing them. Pay particular attention to under their nails since the oils and dirt can tend to accumulate there. It may take them some time to get used to it, but it should clean without any irritation of even their sensitive skin.

Quick Bath Cleansing Wipes for Cats Product Details

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