Allerpet/C for Cats Customer Q & A

Allerpet/C for Cats Product Details
Q1: The instructions say to dampen a cloth with allerpet but to do that I feel like I am using a ton of this stuff. Is there a better way to to apply to a cat where u aren't wasting so much solution???

A: I dampen the cloth first with water, wring it out so that it's only slightly damp, then begin adding AllerPet to it, but generally only the a small area of the cloth, the part that I'm actually going to be using. Think more along the lines of dampening a part of the cloth that's about three fingers wide instead using the entire cloth. Hope that helps.

Q2: Does Allerpet work for rabbits?

A: Yes! While the formula for the different types of AllerPet is identical, the concentrations of different ingredients may vary a bit. For rabbits specifically, opt for AllerPet/C. The specific mix is ideal for rabbits as they share a few key characteristics with cats such as self grooming and the allergen similarity. AllerPet C is also good for other small pets like ferrets, hamsters, and guinea pigs. Hope that helps!

Q3: 1. Do you recommend washing the cat in addition to using Allerpet? 2. And how often is Allerpet usually applied? 3. How many ounces does a treatment use for a longhaired cat?

A: 1. Yes. Allerpet denatures the protein allergen found in dander but does not clean a pet like a regular soap or shampoo does. 2. Generally once every week or two. This will vary depending on your situation. If you bathe you cat twice a month then try using AllerPet between bathes. If you aren't getting the results you need, increase the frequency of the AllerPet treatment, the bathing or both. While AllerPet denatures the allergen, bathing washes them away. 3. It will depend on the size of the cat but typically you'll use 1-2 oz per treatment.

Q4: Please tell me how many ounces in the The Ecologyworks Pet Allergy Shampoo and in the Allerpet/C for cats. I couldn't find that info. Thank you!

A: allerpet/C comes in 12 fl. oz. bottles while Ecology Works Pet Shampoo comes in 16 fl. oz. bottles. Pet Shampoo is very thick in consistency while allerpet is more the consistancy of water.

Allerpet/C for Cats Product Details

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