Vellux Blankets Customer Q & A

Vellux Blankets Product Details
Q1: Are these blankets made in the USA?

A: No. Vellux blankets, and all vellux style blankets, are made in China.

Q2: Can I wash the Velux blanket in hot water to kill dust mites? Thanks, Shirley

A: Yes. Periodically, it shouldn't hurt to wash the Vellux blanket in hot to kill dust mites.

Q3: Hello, Who is the manufacturer of the Vellux blankets you currently sell on your website, and what country are they made in? Thank you kindly!

A: Westpoint Home. They manufacture vellux and martex blankets. China. There is no vellux-style blanket made domestically. There are some domestic fleeces available we'll have a new line of US made fleece for the fall, but unfortunately, nothing like vellux.

Q4: I read your previous FAQ about the seams on this blanket, but the one I purchased recently is hemmed on all four sides. Did they change something?

A: Recently the manufacturer did begin hemming all four edges of the Vellux. So the inventory is mixed right now. Some will have a hem on all four sides will others may have the hem on only two sides.

Q5: Hi---what is the fabric of the Vellux blanket? I am looking for a cotton blanket

A: It's a non-woven polyester fiber adhered to an inner mesh layer. The only cotton blankets we currently offer are our organic cotton blankets.

Q6: On the Vellux Blankets.. are all FOUR edges on all FOUR sides seamed?

A: No, only on the two short ends top and bottom. The sides are heat cut, so they don't fray very easily.

Q7: Who manufactures the vellux blankets you are selling?

A: WestPoint Home

Q8: I live near Seattle Wash, is there a dealer or something near me where I can view and or purchase your blankets, or do I have to order online?

A: Our only storefront location is in Atlanta, GA. For some products, we have samples that we can send, but unfortunately, Vellux is not one of those products.

Vellux Blankets Product Details

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