Ana-Totes Customer Q & A

Ana-Totes Product Details
Q1: Are the anatotes machine washable?

A: It won't hurt them. I would remove the carbiner clip prior to washing though.

Q2: Is the Epi-pen case protect epi-pen from heat?

A: Probably not. The AnaTotes are not really insulated. They are padded, but that is to cushion them from impact. Be it that they are black, if left in the sun, they will more than likely draw heat.

Q3: Does this Epi-Pen case and also the double size fit with the newly-designed Epi-Pens which are a little bigger than the old style? Thank you!

A: Yes. Both the Anatote single and twin size fit the newer style EpiPens.

Ana-Totes Product Details

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