PARI TREK Nebulizer Customer Q & A

PARI TREK Nebulizer Product Details
Q1: Do you have to use the Pari neb kit with the Pari Trek? Currently on travel and left the neb kit at home. I can easily get a traditional neb kit if it works. Thanks.

A: No. The fitting for the hose should be the same. I'm almost certain most almost all are universal, in terms of size. Since this is what actually connects the compressor of the Pari Trek to the neb cup, that's the only part you need to focus on. So a traditional neb cup and hose should fit the Pari Trek.

Q2: My Pari Trek nebulizer deliver very slowly, about 45 minutes to one hour for a 3ml xopenex. Do you know what can be the problem?

A: It can be really only one of 3 things. First, check the small white air filter. There is a small slot on the housing where you can use a coin to turn out a plastic fitting. On the end of this fitting is a very small air filter. Without regular replacement, this filter can reduce the effectiveness of your nebulizer. Secondly, be careful when reusing nebulizer cups and hoses. I have a father and sister who have asthma and who have had to take aerosolized breathing treatments. We would wash the neb cups then replace the neb kit cup and hose. With regular use, most manufacturer's recommend replacing after six months. Often times if they are not cleaned properly the tiny airways in the cup and hose can become clogged or caked with dried solution. Lastly, if neither of these solutions help, the compressor is likely going bad, in which case, the unit will have to be replaced. With some care and regular replacement of the filter and neb kit, you should be able to get many years of service from your nebulizer.

PARI TREK Nebulizer Product Details

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