Electrolux Harmony Customer Q & A

Electrolux Harmony Product Details
Q1: How do you change the bag?

A: With the Harmony canister, the plastic cover where the hose connects to the body should snap open. Then you just pull the insert housing that actually holds the cardboard neck of the dustbag and remove the old bag from the insert. The new bag's cardboard neck will slide into same groove in the insert, just how the old one was seated. Then put the insert w/ the new bag now attached bag into the dust bin compartment and you're set! Hope that helps! If you want a visual of this, download our Harmony user manual. Hope that helps! http://www.achooallergy.com/user_manuals/harmony_user_manual.pdf

Q2: Does the harmony have two filters? one for the bag and one for the motor? How often do I have to change the one for the motor?

A: Yes. There is a HEPA filter, actually a couple different styles that will fit it in this regard. The motor filter is part no. VFEL6985A. We do no sell this part, but there are a variety of online and local dealers that offer this. Motor filters should generally be replaced with each box of bags you use, but you can likely stretch this to be replaced yearly.

Electrolux Harmony Product Details

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