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Newtron Original Air Filters Product Details
Q1: I have Newtron air filters. I don't see any arrows indicating if a certain side should be facing the furnace. Does it matter which side faces the furnace?

A: Putting it in, incorrectly, isn't the end of the world, however, do you see a side that has wire tie/zip tie on it? This acts as a handle for certain installations, and also happens to be the side where air enters the filter. So if it has a zip tie but no arrows on the sticker, air flows in the zip tie side and out the other.

Q2: if the UV lamp is install down stream 10' will it still affect the filter?

A: Ten feet should be fine but the distance UV travels will vary, depending on the bulb. With many lamps, the maximum effective distance is only a 2-3 feet, but you check with the manufacturer of the bulb you purchased to be certain. Hope that helps!


A: Provided there are no holes in it or signs of wear from exposure to UV usually UV deterioration is very evident, then keep rinsing/washing it as you have been, and it should last you the life of your HVAC or longer! Most people only replace the originals when they replace the HVAC, and happen to need a different size filter, or if they notice an increase of dust in the ducts or registers. Other than these or a hole/damage to the filter, you shouldn't have to replace it. Hope that helps!

Q4: I have a Newtron 23-1/2" x 27-1/2" washable filter. I'd like to get a replacement. I don't see that size listed in the available sizes. How do I get a custom filter?

A: You can order Permatron filters in just about any size imaginable. If you call customer service @ 800-339-7123 they can price you a custom size Newtron filter.

Q5: I don't see an arrow on my Newtron filter. Am I missing it or does the direction it faces not matter?

A: There should be a white sticker on the edge of the filter. If there is not, look for the black, plastic, zip tie. It should be on one side of the filter, tucked into the end of the frame... sorta looks like a black, plastic tail on the filter it is to make removing the filter easier, in some applications, when removing it to clean it. The side that this tie is on, is the side where the air flows through. The opposite side, without the plastic tie, is the side where air exits. Ultimately, there is little difference from one side to the other, but typically they include the directional arrows simply b/c we are all so used to seeing them.

Q6: There is an arrow on my newtron filter. Does the point of the arrow go toward the furnace?

A: The arrow points in the direction of the air flow. For most up flow HVAC's the filter is located between the blower and the cold air return. In this instance the air is flowing in from the return and to the blower then through the rest of the house, so the arrow should point towards the furnace. For down flow HVAC units, the filter is situated AFTER the blower. For these the arrow should point away from the HVAC.

Q7: What are the main differences between Newtron Original Air Filters and Newtron Contractor's Choice? The NOAF costs substantially more.

A: Filter life. The filter media is very similar but the Newtron Original HVAC filters are designed to last longer. While both are washable, the Original filters come with a limited lifetime warranty as opposed to the 10 year warranty on the Contractor's Choice. These filters also come with an aluminum frame instead of the plastic used for the Newtron Contractor's Choice filters. Those are the only major differences between the two.

Q8: What is the correct way to clean the air filter?

A: The easiest and one of the most efficient ways is to just use a garden hose and direct the flow of water the opposite direction in which the air flows. You don't need a lot of pressure but sufficient to dislodge any large particles that are trapped. Just make sure to allow the filter to completely dry before reinstalling into your HVAC unit.

Newtron Original Air Filters Product Details

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