Miele Callisto Vacuum Cleaner Customer Q & A

Miele Callisto Vacuum Cleaner Product Details
Q1: Can the Active Air Clean filter be used with the Callisto model?

A: Yes. Simply choose the Active Air Clean Filter designed for the S5 series Mieles, and you're all set!

Q2: differences between Callisto and Libra

A: There are really 3 differences. First, the Callisto is Black while the Libra is a Mango Red. More importantly, the Callisto now comes with the SEB 228 powerbrush. The SEB 228 is wider and has 5 height adjustments. The SEB 217-3 is what used to come standard with the Callisto but now comes with the Libra. It has a more narrow cleaning path, lacks height adjustment and overall is best suited on thick medium pile carpet to thin low pile carpet. You can get by on some higher pile carpeting with the SEB 217-3, but for the larger 228 gives you better results on thick and high pile carpet. Because of this difference in the powerbrush, you have the third difference - price. Other than these differences, these units offer the same features and benefits.

Q3: Which Miele should I buy the Callisto or the Earth? I am replacing an older white pearl- I have stairs, short flat carpeting, wood and tile floors...2 short hair dogs as well. Can I attach the stronger power brush to either or both of them?

A: Based on what you described, either model would work well. The Callisto comes with the larger SEB 228 powerbrush as opposed to the Earth with the SEB 217-3, but with low carpet and short hair dogs either powerbrush will likely do the trick. Both will fit nearly any Miele floor tool attachment, though the Callisto, with the 228, is about as good of a carpet attachment as Miele offers. Only the SEB 236 is comparable in size and performance. With the Earth, you get the Auto suction setting but a slightly smaller carpet attachment.

Miele Callisto Vacuum Cleaner Product Details

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