Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo Customer Q & A

Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo Product Details
Q1: How often can this product be used?

A: As often as needed. Though, in general, I recommend no more than once per week. This rule holds for most shampoos as they can reduce or remove many of the oils that dog's skin produces. Too many baths can sometimes lead to dry, itchy skin or even doggy dandruff. The anti-allergen properties vary from pet to pet since pets vary in shedding and actual production of dander. For the anti-allergen properties you should be fine for 1-2 weeks. Again though, this can vary. If you wipe your pet with pet wipes, this can extend the efficacy of anti-allergen properties. The anti-flea and tick properties last at least a month for most pets, so if you wanted, you could go that long between baths might be a little on the smelly side - esp. if they're an indoor pet or use another shampoo in between monthly baths with the Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo.

Q2: Will this burn their eyes if it comes in contact with them?

A: I consistently use it on my dog, and I know another of my coworker's uses it on his dog as well. Both of us have accidentally gotten the lather in our dogs' eyes at different points, and it has never seemed to cause and different reaction than when they get plain water in their eyes. I'm not suggesting it is irritation free, but seems to be a much gentler type of pet shampoo.

Q3: Hello, My dog suffers from dust mite allergies, but from reading the reviews it seems like this helps the pets owner. I am trying to find relief for my pet. Will this product be helpful?

A: No, Ecology Works Pet Shampoo will work in both regards. Not only will it help reduce the dander allergen that causes allergic reactions in people, but it denatures most protein based allergens, including dust mite allergen. So if your pet does have problems with dust mites, this will help.

Q4: Can you use this product on puppies and kitties?

A: Yes. The common compounds that can irritate sensitive skin are not a part of Ecology Works products. The ingredients are plant based extracts and compounds that are safe for all types of pets. The Pet Shampoo is a very mild product yet when using with puppies on kittens, only a very small amount is required.

Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo Product Details

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