Allersearch ODRX - Odor Eliminator Customer Q & A

Allersearch ODRX - Odor Eliminator Product Details
Q1: I am assuming that the posting is a testament that this product is pet safe. I work in the veterinary business and always inform the clients to ask companies specifically if a product is pet safe when there is question. I plan to use this product to on a couch that my dog claims ownership to. Are the residual chemicals that are left on surfaces by this product pet safe? Since she spends 75% of her day on this couch, I want to be sure. Thank you.

A: ODRX contains no hazardous components and is safe to use around people and pets. It may cause some minor eye irritation if directly exposed, but once dry there are no known reactions to ODRX. For a complete copy of the MSDS sheet for this product visit the Additional Resources section of each individual product page.

Allersearch ODRX - Odor Eliminator Product Details

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