M-1 House Wash Customer Q & A

M-1 House Wash Product Details
Q1: how much m1 do i add to a gallon of water to get the oxidation-chalk off my alumin siding so i can paint it and wuold it b better to do this by hand

A: If it is possible, it is really better to do this type of job with a pressure washer or hand sprayer. There are very detailed instructions on the back of the M-1 House Wash bottle on how to reduce with water, but generally it should be 8 parts water to 1 part House Wash.

Q2: I have all tile floors in my home due to my asthmatic reaction to dust mites. The tile is not sealed. Is this a good product for cleaning tile floors? If not, do you carry one... If so, would this be the best product for it. I have 1897 sq. ft. of tile floors to clean each week. Thanks.

A: Yes, this is a very good product for cleaning tile floors. It is a concentrate, so you will have to mix this with water before cleaning. One bottle will help you clean 2,200 sq. ft. We always recommend testing a new cleaner in a small area.

Q3: Will this product kill my plants or grass?

A: It shouldn't. The active ingredient is sodium hydroxide which is a base substance that generally increases the rate of photosynthesis. M-1 House Wash is a concentrate that once diluted out generally has less than 1% of this substance. This doesn't mean you should start spraying your lawn with it, but runoff from washing your home shouldn't negatively impact the grass. Read the label careful before use, and if you want to be safe, try washing a small area and see if the runoff effects the yard before washing the entire house.

M-1 House Wash Product Details

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