Ogallala Harvester Hypodown Pillow Customer Q & A

Ogallala Harvester Hypodown Pillow Product Details
Q1: I got a firm harvester and my neck is hurting. I am thinking I may need an extra firm. I am a side sleeper. Are there sizing recommendations?

A: Not particularly. Pillows are generally sized by standard, queen, and king, but each of these refer to the length of the pillow. The width generally remains the same. In general, any size would work about the same. The fill power is going to refer to the specific ratio of syriaca cluster to down cluster, while the firmness will determine the overall amount of down and syriaca cluster in the pillow. For example, an extra firm of the 600 fill would have 23 ounces of total fill. A soft, of the same fill power, would have 15 ounces. So if you go with an extra firm, the only choices you have to make are what size king, standard, etc. and what fill power you want. Hope that helps clear things up!

Q2: I have a Hypodown pillow. I lost the instructions. Might you remind me how to clean it. Thanks!

A: Spot clean when possible, water and just a very small amount of a mild detergent/soap. To refresh, toss the pillow in your dryer on low heat for about 10-15 minutes or hang it out on a clothesline on a sunny day. At some point though, you will likely need to have it professionally cleaned. Use a professional dry cleaner who's familiar with cleaning down bedding. Ogallala recommends a company that uses traditional French laundry processes.

Ogallala Harvester Hypodown Pillow Product Details

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