Ebac CD35 Dehumidifiers Customer Q & A

Ebac CD35 Dehumidifiers Product Details
Q1: When the dehumidifier cycles off and on does the fan and compressor turn off or just the compressor?

A: All components turn off. However, the fan typically runs a little prior to and some right after the compressor cycles on/off.

Q2: I have a 575 sq ft cabin in the north ga mountains With a crawl space. what dehumidifier do you recommend for that size space? I would like a cost effective option.

A: Yes. However, during freezing weather or when temps are below 40 deg. F, refrigerant style dehumidifiers don't work. Their efficiency is based on a temperature difference between the outside air the refrigerant cooled coils of the dehumidifier, so when the temperature dips below 40, they remove less and less moisture. Above that temp, that model will work fine. I generally prefer the CD35P to the CD35 model. The P model has the pump included so you can run the drain/condensate line anywhere and not have to worry about gravity effecting the ability to drain. The standard CD35 model has to be set in a position where the drain line can use gravity to allow the water to drain away and out of your crawlspace. Going back to the temperature, a desiccant dehumidifier works better in low temps, but the drawback is they're not as effective under normal conditions, as refrigerant style dehumidifier. Hope that helps!

Q3: Re: CD35P Does this unit have a thermostat that automatically turns on/off. I was considering this unit for a crawl space, is it practical for this application? It will be used for a vacation home and I'm not there to supervise the dehumidifier.

A: Not a thermometer, but a humidistat, yes. The humidistat measures the relative humidity then has the dehumidifier cycle on or off accordingly. For the application you've described, this should fit the bill. Install it, run the drain line to the exterior of the crawlspace, then set the humidistat. Just remember to annually pull it out and clean the coils. Other than this, there's very little maintenance required.

Q4: Regarding Ebac dehumidifier CD35P: Can you set the desired humidity level e.g. 50%?

A: Yes. There is a dial you can adjust to lower or raise the relative humidity in the space you are drying. For best results, compare your dial setting with an independent hygrometer.

Ebac CD35 Dehumidifiers Product Details

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