Pure-Rest Organic Cotton Blankets Customer Q & A

Pure-Rest Organic Cotton Blankets Product Details
Q1: Pure-Rest Organic Cotton Blankets... How are they to be washed? Also, is the stitching organic? Thanks

A: You can wash these in cold, warm or hot water. After the initial washing, your blanket won't shrink any more with use of hot water raw fabric is cut to account for shrinkage after washing. But depending on what you are looking for or needing, your washing can vary. If you are using an anti allergen detergent or additive, you can wash in cold. If not, but you want to eliminate dust mites, go with hot water. The stitching on nearly all bedding is polyester. A straight cotton thread is simply not as durable nor strong enough to endure repeated use and washing without breaking. Polyester, though man made, is hypoallergenic.

Pure-Rest Organic Cotton Blankets Product Details

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