Snoozer Full Body Pillow Customer Q & A

Snoozer Full Body Pillow Product Details
Q1: Do you have or can you make an Allergy Armor Organic Pillow Case for the Full Body Pillow? Thanks!

A: We don't currently produce that product as a stock item, but since we do all the actual production under our roof, we are always able to do a custom cover in any of our Allergy Armor fabric styles for just about any product. The downside is they are pricier than a stock cover since the production price per piece is much higher for a single piece as opposed to making say a hundred. For a the regular Snoozer Body Pillow, an organic cover would probably be in the ballpark of $55-$65 before applying any discount or adding shipping. Hope that helps!

Snoozer Full Body Pillow Product Details

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