Respro Bandit Scarf Customer Q & A

Respro Bandit Scarf Product Details
Q1: Does this mask protect against city pollution and vehicle emissions?

A: Somewhat yes. This is because it offers particle filtration but also has some activated charcoal in the mask filter to remove some gas, vapor and emission pollutants. It's not quite as effective as the Techno mask or the Allergy mask when equipped with particle/chemical filters, but this is because the latter two masks fit more snugly.

Q2: How do I wash my bandido mask?

A: Boil a small pan of water, remove from heat and immerse the mask. The heat from the water will help to release compounds and particles trapped by the filter. Once the water has cooled, with the mask in it, you can hand wash the mask with a mild soap, avoid the powder detergents, rinse well and allow to air dry. With regular use, you'll want to do this about once a month.

Q3: This mask seems like it would be just perfect to wear with a cowboy hat and boots, but is it a suitable option for horse back riding? This mask doesn't seem to seal as tightly as other masks, so I am not sure if that would create a problem with all of the dust horses create. Also, does the mask need to be changed as often if it is not used on a daily basis?

A: There is a secondary strap sewn in that pulls the lower portion of the mask, tighter against the jaw and lower part of the face. This does help to seal it more. In general though, I would say the Allergy, Sportsta or Techno would be a better fit. First, all three of those have replaceable filters, unlike the Bandit Scarf. Second, all three do seal tighter around the face. Regardless of which you would go with, the filters in the Allergy, Sportsta and Techno or the Bandit Scarf would need to be replaced after about 60 hours worth of use. That's an estimate as conditions of use will vary. Remember to put the mask in a ziploc or sealed container after use. The carbon in the filters continues to work even if you're not wearing it, so sealing it up between uses can get you a little more filter life. Hope that helps!

Q4: Can the Respro Bandit Mask be dried in the dryer instead of air drying? Thank you

A: You'll want to be careful if you try a machine dryer. The main thing is the heat and shrinking the mask. I'm not sure how the filter media will hold up to low heat.

Q5: Would this scarf protect me against perfumes, fragrances?

A: It would filter out some since it does have a layer of carbon built into it. For better frgrance filtration you probably want to consider the Honeycomb carbon mask or one of the other Respro face mask with the chemical/particle filters. Each of these has activated carbon in the filters and seal tighter around the face than the Bandit Scarf.

Respro Bandit Scarf Product Details

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