Gonzo Basement Odor Eliminator Customer Q & A

Gonzo Basement Odor Eliminator Product Details
Q1: Can the gonzo bags be separated out to make smaller bags for smaller spaces? If so what material should the bag be made of.

A: A synthetic material would be best. Have you ever seen those cheap, little beach sets for kids? They usually include a pail, plastic shovel and plastic rake. Many times they are in a synthetic netting. Something akin to that would be best, but provided the net/mesh is coarse enough for air to circulate through, a natural fiber would be fine. Hope that helps!

Q2: What feedback do you have on fireplace odors.

A: These will help with smoke. They used to make Smoke Odor Eliminators, but have since ped that product b/c of low demand. In general though, Smoke, Basement, Pet... all the same thing. The only difference is the packaging. They do help with smoke, but with smoke in particular, if the concentrations are high enough it takes several of these to make a difference. For fireplace odors, a small air purifier with carbon might be your best bet. Even a Honeywell, which doesn't pack granulated carbon which is best for removing odors and smoke, would help 50150 or 50250 provided you replace the prefilter on schedule. The prefilter in those units has some carbon that for light to medium odors, it does work pretty well. Hope that helps.

Q3: I have the lava rocks and love them. I put them outside in the sun and asked my husband to bring them in since i had to go out of town. It rained on them for two days, will this effect them at all.

A: You may notice a slight decrease in their performance for a while, but if thoroughly dried, they should bounce back to absorb odors as they did before. Additionally, certain types of lava rock are used in water filtration. Though not ideal for this use, they do work. So, like activated carbon, whether used to filter liquids or molecules in the air, they are effective.

Q4: How long does one bag last? How often do they need to be replaced?

A: Each basement odor eliminator will last about 6 months before being recharged. This will vary depending on where you are using it and how strong the odors are. I've generally seen about four months of use before the odor starts to creep back in to my shoe closet. To recharge you simple place the bag in the sun for a couple hours and it will release any trapped odors. The bags can go through this recharge process several times before you may need to eventually replace them.

Q5: Hello - As a general rule, how often do the bags have to be replace, or can they be "dried" out and reused?? Thanks!

A: It will all depend on the severity of the odor problem, but generally these bags last for about 8-10 months. I've found that with pet odors, I "recharge" mine every 4-6 months or so, but I feel like my dog is particularly... odiferous. To recharge and reuse them, set them out in the sun for 6-8 hours. After that they are ready to go again!

Q6: How long do they last?

A: It really depends on where you are using them and how strong the odors are in that location. From personal experience, I use two around my dog's bed. I will typically "recharge" them by letting them sit in the sun for several hours about once every month. But I will say, my dog is pretty smelly.... even with regular baths. We've had reports back from customers ranging from a few weeks in some basements and pet areas to as long as two months.

Q7: How long does it work for before you need to discard?

A: You'll generally see 8-10 months of use in a 600 sq. ft. space. You can "recharge" these by allowing them to sit in the sunlight for approximately 6 hours. Discard when you feel it is not longer working even after sitting in the sun. Results will vary somewhat depending on the concentrations of odors in the area.

Q8: I have a basement which smells of heating oil from the furnace. I assume at one time there was a leak and the floor soaked up the oil. Can you eliminate that for me? The oil smell has traveled up to the living portion of the house and our cloths smell like oil.

A: You can try to Basement Odor Eliminators. They might do the trick. You could also try an air purifier, but if you go that route, choose one that is heavy on activated carbon or carbon specifically suited for VOC's. Another alternative might be to use a steam cleaner on that area. The extremely hot steam will help unlock and release trapped odors even in hard surfaces.

Q9: Does this work on strong chemical smells also? My parents have a strong smell of some kind of chemical that is in everything in their home. Almost like a paint thinner smell. It has been in the home for years now. It does not seem to bother them, but I instantly have problems in the home?

A: To some extent yes, but it would be hard for me to say with certainty without knowing what the causing the odors or what type of chemical it is. A larger, but also more expensive, alternative would be for them to run an air purifier with activated carbon, on a low setting, round the clock. Some of the Austin or IQAir air purifier models would likely work best in this situation since you have a few options that will remove a range of chemical odors.

Q10: Can I put the odor elimintor in a container? I hate having the ugly bag sitting on the counter.

A: Sure! Just make sure to have it in the open to where it can adsorb odors. As long as it can have air circulating around and through it, it'll be fine. The bag is just a convenient way to store it while allowing air to flow around and through it.

Gonzo Basement Odor Eliminator Product Details

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