SEBO Automatic X4 Extra Customer Q & A

SEBO Automatic X4 Extra Product Details
Q1: How do upright Sebo vacuums compare to Riccar vacuums for someone with dust and mold allergies? Also, with a cat.

A: The SEBO X4 has enjoyed a best in class rank for several years through independent consumer ratings agencies. SEBO also has a long tradition of making quality uprights that is longer than both Riccar and Miele. The sealed system and filtration is as good as it gets when it comes to vacuum cleaners, and SEBO has long been the choice in the commercial cleaning industry. Both SEBO and Riccar will work better than low end upright vacuums at capturing very small particles like cat dander smaller than mold spores or dust. The only real drawbacks to SEBO vacuums are the smaller bags capacities which leads to a slightly higher expense to maintain. The filtration of higher end Riccar vacuum cleaners is right in line with that of SEBO and Miele, though both Riccar and Miele uprights are generally heavier than X4 models. SEBO lacks some of the name recognition of Miele here in the US but has taken turns with Miele in holding the title of number one vacuum company in Germany. Many of the Riccar models are now made in the U.S., which is a big plus for many people. The downside is information and reviews on them is admittedly much harder to come by since Riccar doesn't support online sale of their products and much more heavily favors brick and mortar retailers.

SEBO Automatic X4 Extra Product Details

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