Allergy Armor Advanced Pillow Covers Customer Q & A

Allergy Armor Advanced Pillow Covers Product Details
Q1: We wash our sheets every weekend and I love to use fabric softener for that "Downy fresh" smell when we climb into bed at night. Why can't I use fabric softener with any of the Allery Armor products?

A: Using fabric softener won't effect the performance of the Allergy Armor. In general, we simply recommend that since a fair number of the people who use these products those with allergies, asthma, COPD, MCS and other respiratory conditions are generally sensitive to those types of fragrances. However, if you've no problem with fabric softeners and have always used them, there's no reason why you shouldn't continue!

Q2: I have a snoozer upper body pillow. Does this pillow cover fit that pillow?

A: No. The Snoozer pillows all have that unique "J" shape to them while the Allergy Armor Body pillow covers are meant for straight body pillows that lack the curve.

Allergy Armor Advanced Pillow Covers Product Details

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