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Nickel Solution Product Details
Q1: My son hasn't been able to play his guitar because of nickel allergy. Would this work on guitar strings and frets?

A: It might work, but b/c of the constant wear from using the pick or fingers on the guitar strings, you would likely need to reapply it often. I've never tried it on something like guitar string, so while I'm sure it would adhere, but just not sure for how long.

Q2: This sounds like the solution but what is in this clear coating?

A: The manufacturer won't release a specific formula of what is in the clear coating. But often people mistake it as something similar to a clear nail polish. This is incorrect. Many common nail polishes have chemicals like Toluene, Formaldehyde and Dibutyl Phthalate in them. Nickel Guard was designed specifically for people with allergies, so it has none of these chemicals. If there is a chemical or compound in particular you are looking to avoid, we can check with them to see if it is in the formula or not before you purchase.

Q3: How is this different than applying clear nail polish to jewelry?

A: Nail polish often contains toxic or even carcinogenic chemicals like formaldehyde, toulene, xylene, and dibutyl phthalate. The Nickel Solution contains none of these substances. Additionally, the first bottle included in this kit actually gives you the ability to test items for nickel. And the second bottle gives you the ability to coat certain things to form a protective barrier, keeping you reaction free.

Nickel Solution Product Details

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