Eva-Dry EDV Dehumidifiers Customer Q & A

Eva-Dry EDV Dehumidifiers Product Details
Q1: Is there a limit as to how many times the gel can be renewed?

A: Nothing definitive. With continually reuse what we've seen is at least 2-4 years of use. The silica gel is derived from the more basic element, silicon, which unless chemically altered, will not lose its inherent properties. The efficacy may diminish over time, but that can be likely from any number of reasons.

Q2: Where should I dry out the unit? Outside plug?

A: Exactly! An outdoor plug is ideal since as these dry out they release the trapped moisture back into the air.

Q3: I have a decorative trunk with cedar inside and it's starting to have an odor and possible mildew problem. Will either of the Eva-Dry models help these problems and can they be used in an inclosed trunk. Thank you.

A: Possibly and yes. If excess moisture is the problem, which may well be if you're noticing a mildew odor or mold, then these would help to remove any excess moisture from inside the trunk. And yes, they can be used in enclosed spaces like this. A small desiccant style dehumidifier like this is well suited for you situation in that it requires no power source just one to periodically dry the desiccant and is very small. Hope that helps!

Q4: What are the exact dimensions of the EVA 2200. I have seen two different sets of dimensions.

A: 8 3/4" H x 5" W x 6" D Those are about as accurate as I can give since the body shape is round on all sides. That does not account for the plug, just the physical size of the dehumidifier.

Q5: Have large gun safe. Which model should i buy?

A: I have used both in the fireproof gun safe holds a dozen rifles/shotguns, and both have worked just fine with no issue. Though I will say, I got longer use out of the 500 model between recharges 2 months vs. 3 months. This will vary on humidity levels in the home, what you have in the safe and how often you get into it. However, both worked well in keeping moisture levels down to the point where rust or corrosion is not an issue.

Q6: What besides the price is the difference between the Eva-Dry 333 Mini Dehumidifier Item#: ED0002 and Eva-Dry 500 Mini Dehumidifier Item#: ED0003 I have a very small bathroom with no ventilation.It is always damp. Thanks

A: Size. The Eva-Dry 333 is effective for up to 333 cu. ft., and the Eva-Dry 500 is effective in spaces up to 500 cu. ft. These are some of few dehumidifiers that actually provide you a cubic foot volume of air effective range as opposed to a square footage effective range that does not take into account the total volume of air in a room/space.

Q7: I am wondering which eva dehumidifier would be better for me. What is the difference between the 333 and 500. I have a very small bathroom that never seems to dry out. Thank you!! I will order when you let me know.

A: The only difference between these two models is the 500 will remove a little more moisture before needing to be dried. Both basically have a type of desiccant that absorbs moisture with the 500 having more desiccant than the 333. These Eva-Dry models are primarly used for cupboards and very small spaces. For a small bathroom, I'd recommend the Eva-Dry 1000 Petite. It will remove more moisture than either the 333 or 500.

Eva-Dry EDV Dehumidifiers Product Details

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