Acu-Rite Digital Humidity Gauge Customer Q & A

Acu-Rite Digital Humidity Gauge Product Details
Q1: I'm using this on the race track to measure humidity. Will it work?

A: Yes. It's battery powered so it will work anywhere so long as the sensor part is exposed to open air.

Q2: How long does it take for this product to take an accurate humidity reading? I plan to take one from home to home for readings I have a home watch business and this would be the best way I can think of to assure the combiation A/C/humidifier is operating correctly.

A: Not long. Typically it will readjust to the correct readings in just a couple short minutes. It only needs a small amount of time to take readings of current conditions.

Q3: Where is this device made? ie. country of origin

A: China

Q4: if i mount the probe in my attic and run the wire to the main unit in my hallway will it measure the temperature AND the humidity in the attic?

A: Not both. The Acu-Rite measures three things, indoor temperature and humidity as well as outdoor temperature. The indoor readings are taken from the body of the unit while the outdoor temperature is measured by the probe. By placing the probe in the attic you can get an accurate temperature reading, but not humidity. The humidity is read by the sensor located behind the small "grill" at the bottom of the housing. There are 5-6 slots there where air can circulate and provide for a reading.

Q5: What is the warranty?

A: One Year Limited Warranty

Q6: Does the probe also indicate humidity?

A: The Acu-Rite displays both temperature and current relative humidity.

Acu-Rite Digital Humidity Gauge Product Details

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