Free & Clear Shampoo and Conditioner Customer Q & A

Free & Clear Shampoo and Conditioner Product Details
Q1: Is this product free of peanuts and tree nuts or the oils from both kinds of nuts?

A: Yes, they are free of any peanut or tree nut extracts, derivatives or oils.

Q2: My husband has COPD and is sensitive to any type of perfumed scent. He is becoming less and less tolerable of my shampoos and conditioners. Is there anyway I could request a small sample be sent to me so I can try it to see if he can tolerate it.

A: You most certainly can! Give us a call at 1-800-339-7123, and one of our customer service/sales reps can send you samples of the Vanicream/Free and Clear products you're interested in!

Q3: Are Free and Clear Shampoo and condition safe for use on color treated hair?

A: Yes, they are safe for use on color treated hair!

Q4: Is this formula tear-free for children?

A: No. Neither the Free and Clear Shampoo or conditioner is tears free.

Q5: Does this shampoo contain nuts? I am allergic to coconuts for sure.

A: Some of the ingredients used are refined from coconuts. Coconuts are technically seeds, not nuts, but if you are allergic, I would likely avoid these products. Depending on the severity of your allergy, you could request a sample and test a very small amount before using. The ingredients are usually refined to the point where they bear little resemblence to coconut or traditional coconut products, but it's best to always err on the side of caution.

Q6: Does free and clear contain soy or soy products?

A: No.

Q7: Is Free and Clear Shampoo available in Canada and is it possible to have a free sample?

A: Yes, we do ship to Canada via USPS to avoid brokerage fees for our customers. Shipping costs will vary some by location. Please contact customer service at 1-800-339-7123 or via email at to obtain samples of the products we offer.

Q8: My husband has had open heart surgery and smells of any kind are hard on him.Are these products truly fragrance free?

A: Yes. I've used most of our line and use the Lite Lotion daily. They have no fragrance and leave no scent even after they dry as with the lotion.

Q9: Is this a sulfate free product?

A: I believe, yes it is sulfate free. Free and Clear Shampoo and Conditioner does NOT contain Akaline or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate or any sulfonates a milder, less drying version of the previously mentioned sulfates. One ingredient that is found in the Free & Clear, Lauryl Glucoside, is one of the most gentle surfacants used in shampoos and cleaners. It is basically derived from a coconut oil and sugar and acts as the primary cleansing agent in this product.

Free & Clear Shampoo and Conditioner Product Details

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