ALCAT Food Sensitivity Home Kit Customer Q & A

ALCAT Food Sensitivity Home Kit Product Details
Q1: I see this test checks for gluten, but does it look for wheat allergies? And if it doesn't, do you offer another test that includes that? Thanks!

A: The ALCAT test we used to carry does not. ALCAT does have more comprehensive and more expensive tests available that do test wheat sensitivity. The MyFoodAllergy test also tests for wheat sensitivity. It can be found here. Or to see all available ALCAT tests available

Q2: Will Medicare or other insurance pay for it?

A: Contacting your individual care provider will likey be your first step. I know there are numerous physicians who work with Cell Science to have patients take full panels of tests dozens of more foods and categories tested than the 20 or so for this particular test. With a physician recommending or prescribing these panels, you would likely have a better case for the cost to be covered under your health insurance. Insurers vary widely so it's difficult to generalize about whether or not these test panels would be covered.

ALCAT Food Sensitivity Home Kit Product Details

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