Allergy Armor Ultra Pillow Covers Customer Q & A

Allergy Armor Ultra Pillow Covers Product Details
Q1: I just purchased a new standard size pillow that has the gussets all around the edges. My current Ultra Dust Mite Pillow Cover fits, but I have to squeeze the pillow in which makes it less soft and positionable. I was considering buying a queen size replacement, but the only difference would be the length and I don't know if that would help. Do you sell any pillow covers that would give a pillow with gussets more room to expand?

A: The queen size may help. As the pillow is not solid, the extra length of the cover will allow it spread the fill a little more evenly, though perhaps not enough to help. We do have the option of creating some custom covers for you, that may cost more than you'd like. Typically the custom cost is about 25-50% higher than a regularly sized item. "One-offs" or custom pieces take a little more time since they don't fit into a regular production run and have to be cut separate from the rest of our covers. For a couple Ultra covers, we could build in an extra 2-4 inches with the cost being about $21.50 each. To order those you'd have to call. If so, just reference this FAQ. Hope that helps!

Q2: Are your zippers part of your lifetime warranty? what do i need to return this product?

A: Yes. Contact us via email, chat or phone and we can address any warranty issues.

Q3: If the fabric is so tightly woven how are the pillow covers breathable? Thank You

A: It's not waterproof, so the term "breathable" is in direct contrast to other types of covers that are waterproof or are made of materials like vinyl, plastic or rubber. So while the average pore size is small enough to block allergens, moisture and air can still pass through. Granted, there is resistance, but it can still pass through.

Q4: It states these allergy covers have a lifetime guarantee, hot exactly does that work? If 5 years from now the cover becomes damaged & no longer offers protection, would you replace it?

A: That's exactly how it works. You would contact customer service. Then arrange to return the product and a new replacement of the same size and fabric style would be sent to you. Typically the average pore size actually shrinks with repeated washing, and the antimicrobial Aegis treatment lasts as long as the fabric. All manufacturing and fabrication of Allergy Armor Ultra pillow covers is done here in the U.S. using quality materials and YKK brand zippers. We are confident in our product and stand by it with our lifetime warranty.

Q5: How safe is the Aegis antimicrobial finish? Can the finish come off and be breathed in as I sleep?

A: Aegis has been tested countless times and has been EPA approved for over 30 years. The treatment is permanently bonded, on a molecular level, to the material and lasts as long as the material itself does. Since the entire material is treated, it creates a continuous bond that physically punctures the cell walls of microbes. It has been used in everything from hospitals to in professional sports jerseys for decades. So to answer your questions, extremely safe, and no.

Q6: Will these pillow covers make it hot for me to sleep on my pillows?

A: No, these pillows are breathable and feel very much like sheets.

Q7: Do these pillow covers have an anti-microbial finish?

A: Yes. Like thousands of product from the medical field to sports jerseys, all Allergy Armor bedding is treated with Aegis, a safe, dual action antimicrobial.

Allergy Armor Ultra Pillow Covers Product Details

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