Miele Capricorn Vacuum Cleaners Customer Q & A

Miele Capricorn Vacuum Cleaners Product Details
Q1: What attachment do you use to vacuum stairs? My electrolux has a small powerhead for stairs that works nicely. Thanks!

A: For stairs I would recommend the STB101 handheld turbobrush. Truthfully, if you purchased the Capricorn with the SEB 217-3, it is light enough that it works fairly well on carpeted stairs. It's generally a little wider than most stairs, but I have found it works really well. The SEB 236 is better on carpet, but a little heavier and wider, so it can be a bit awkward for people to use on stairs.

Q2: Concerning the onboard upholstery brush, etc. - In order to access these accessories would one have to turn off the vacuum to open the storage area?

A: No. There are essentially two separate compartments for where the onboard tools are located and where the dust bag sits. The onboard tools can be accessed at any time without having to turn off the vacuum.

Miele Capricorn Vacuum Cleaners Product Details

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